Delicacies Of Sindh

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When in Sindh, don’t forget to try these divine and delicious delicacies!



1. Seviyan (Vermicelli)
Seviyan is a sweet dessert similar to a rice pudding, and is usually milk based. It is served on special occasions such as Eid-ul-Fitr.



2. Taryal Patata
Taryal Patata is a thinly sliced potato, which is pan-fried and flavored with local spices. The dish is commonly enjoyed with white rice and daal (lentils).



3. Pallo Machi
Pallo Machi is prepared from Hilsha fish, and is a popular Sindhi dish. It is seasoned with spices and is either barbecued or deep-fried.



4. Mitho Lolo
Mitho Lolo is a sweet flatbread made from wheat flour, sugar and jaggery. It is also served with chilled buttermilk.



5. Sindhi Biryani
Sindhi Biryani is a combination of succulent meat and rice. The dish is infused with spices and additional potatoes.



6. Thadal
Thadal is a refreshing drink, made from almonds and milk.

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