How to Create Content for Your Guest House Website

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Content is King!

All those associated with digital marketing have read this phrase many times. But guest house owners have you heard it ever before?

If you haven’t, note this as the rule of thumb.

Content today is the most important element of search engine optimization!

More Pakistanis are getting online through different mediums. And because of this, guest house owners cannot avoid the importance of being on top on search engines.

And that is possible with the help of producing quality content.

Surely CONTENT is the key to success!

content is king - Pakistan

Why is content important for higher search rankings?

Content is important because there are several sub-sections of content which impacts search ranking.

For example content qualitycontent researchcontent freshnesscontent words and content vertical search.

Why is content important for Pakistani guest houses and their websites?

Why Content is king for guest house websites

Valid question

Here are the answers:

     There is a great chunk of Pakistani people online.

Guest house owners need a strong online presence to cater the attention of potential customers. Only then guest house owners can see conversions (guest house room booking).

Let us share some interesting facts about Pakistanis and increasing usage of internet:

  • Internet users increase up to 29.1 million in 2015
  • 16.2 million active users on social media through mobile
  • 18.04 million 3G/4G users till September 2015
  • There are 116.43 million mobile phone users

    People are actively searching for guest houses in Pakistan. 

Keywords like guest house in KarachiGuest house in Islamabadguest house in Lahore have 4000+ average monthly searches.

Guest House - Pakistan

Reasonably a good amount of potential customers for guest houses!

Let us share some facts about content and content marketing.

  • 93% of b2b marketers are using content marketing
  • 41% of marketer intent to generate sales through content marketing
  • 94% of marketers rank sales as 1 of top 5 objectives in content marketing goals

You may be wondering what exactly “strong online presence is?”

Let us assume an example.

You own a guest house in Karachi. And a searcher is willing to book a guest house in Karachi searches “guest houses in Karachi” on internet. And your website comes on top.

Online Presence Jovago Pakistan

This is one example of strong online presence.

Let us take another example.

You own a guest house in Rawalpindi. A searcher is looking for a Rawalpindi Guest house on Facebook search bar and finds your guest house in results.

He visits your guest house Facebook page and finds a decent number of fans, positive reviews and lot of comments. This will be considered a strong presence online, especially on social media.

Talking about “strong online presence” is easy but how easy the execution in actual is?

The basic and the most important ingredient to rank on top on search engines (like Google) or creating an active Facebook community requires “quality content”.

create quality content jovago Pakistan

How to get that?

There are 3 ways you can generate content.

In-house: When a business hires content developers and get the content generated within the company

Outsourcing: When a business hires a digital agency to produce content on their behalf.

User generated content:  When a business creates such campaigns where the user/fans create content themselves for business.  

Outsourcing the production of content might be questionable depending upon the budget. Most probably guest houses won’t have enough budget for outsourcing.

So there are two options and you will have to manage both of them.

Types Of Content

Mostly people assume text form to be the only form of content. But that is not the case. Content can be in many forms such as:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Animations

Small and cheap guest houses who are unable to afford a heavy budget can use great combinations of all these to produce quality content.

Keywords Research For Content Strategy

Keyword research is the first and the most important phase of content strategy. If you own a guest house in Lahore the ideal keyword should be closely linked. For-example your geographical location and special attributed associated.

Some of the good examples are:

  • Guest houses in Lahore Gulberg
  • Guest house in Lahore Cantt


  • Cheap Guest houses in Lahore
  • Affordable Guest houses in Lahore 

Make sure you choose the keywords smartly.

How to Develop Content Strategy

Here comes the difficult part. How to create content for your guest house website?

You can use a 4-dimensional content metrix map to develop the content strategy. The 4 dimensions are:

  • Educate
  • Convince
  • Inspire
  • Entertain

4-dimensional content metrix map

Let us take into account every dimension separately.


This is the first dimension.

Here you need content which educates the prospective customers about your guest house. You can use following mediums to educate the potential customers:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Guides
  • Demo videos


Convince is the second dimension.

In this dimension, your content has to be impressive to convince the website visitors for booking a room with your guest house. You can use following mediums to create convincing content:

  • Price list
  • Ratings
  • Recommendations
  • Benefits


This is the third dimension of the content creation strategy. You can use following mediums to create content for this dimension:

  • Community forums
  • Reviews
  • Endorsements


This is the last dimension of content strategy. This dimension is used for engaging the existing and potential customers. The mediums used are:

  • Competitions
  • Quiz
  • Games

These four dimensions can help you to develop content strategy for your guest house website.

Some of the mediums will be much suitable for social media platforms for example competitions and quizzes on your Facebook business page.


So you can see, there are many things you need to think of when creating online content.

There are a number of ways you can create interesting content to optimize your guest house website.

There are few simple factors you can keep in mind:

  • Identify the needs of your audience and of your organization
  • Try to break the big picture for the sake of making things simple.
  • Use the “4 dimension map” to ease the content development strategy process.
  • Create relevant, meaningful and engaging content (and activities)
  • Don’t hesitate to experiment and explore the digital world

If you have tried anything interesting, do share with us.


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