Chiniot- The Metropolis of Rulers

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Chiniot is located on the left bank of River Chenab, Punjab and is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan. The city has a captivating historical significance as it was very important during the Mughal era. Chiniot was occupied by Alexander the Great around 326 BC, but after the emergence of Islam Chiniot was ruled by the different Mughal’s dynasties.

Chiniot is famous for its commercial and economical products such as silk, cotton, wheat, sugar, rice, milk and pottery. The most prominent feature of the city is the manufacturing of the wooden furniture – it is famous worldwide for its style, art and elegance.



Jovago’s top 3


chniot wood work

1. Umar Hayat Palace
Umar Hayat Mahal was built in the 19th century and has a captivating wooden architectural structure. The Mahal is five story palace adorned with wooden doors, windows and traditional Jhirokas (small windows) with shining marble floors and picturesque shades. Presently, the palace is run down, the walls have developed cracks and the woodwork has lost color. However, it is still worth visiting.



2. Shahi Mosque
Shahi Masjid was built by Nawab Saad UlIah Khan from 1646 to 1655 AD, during the time of Emperor Shah Jahan. The mosque is set on a single-story structure, with four towers surrounding it, three domes and a prayer hall. Right under the mosque, within the four towers, are many shops. The Shahi Mosque is a perfect depiction of Mughal architecture and resembles Laal Qila of Dehli.



3. Hindu Temple
The classic Hindu Temple was built by Maharaja Gulab Singh. It is one of the many landmarks in the city of Chiniot. The astonishing temple is believed to be constructed during the second Anglo-Sikh war.



Chiniot has many restaurants that serve traditional food. Many notable eateries can be found at Chiniot-Jhang road, Faisalabad-Chiniot road and Chiniot-Bhattian road. The cuisine of Chiniot has is very similar to the Punjabi ways of cooking. One of the most prominent food highlight is the delicious Kunna (goat meat cooked in mud pot).

The shopping experience at Chiniot is fascinating. There is a wide array of shops, from small stalls to big bazaars to the enormous malls in the city. Make sure to carry extra shopping money because when shopping there is no way your list won’t expand.

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The Faisalabad International Airport situated at a distance of 48.5 Km from Chiniot.


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