We Can Never Forget – Peshawar Attack

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Peshawar Atttack

When the nightmare unfolded, teachers and students of the Army Public School Peshawar had just returned to their classes after recess. It’s that time of the year again when the mothers and fathers of those 132 children mourn again. One year has passed to this horrendous event that took place in Peshawar-attack on the Army Public school.

A total of 144 children and staff members were killed when unidentified armed men opened fire on the army public school in Peshawar. Bullets were fired inhumanely on the innocent children and brave teachers who gave away their lives while saving the students.

Heroes of Peshawar Attack

The sound of the bullets fired through the bodies of our little soldiers still echoes in our hearts. The Jovago team remembers this tragic day and we pay our condolences to the parents and families of those who got martyred. We pray that the children and teachers who are no longer with us forever rest in peace with the angels of heaven.

The Army Public School, Peshawar, is still running with even higher numbers of students studying and excelling. We stand by our belief that no power can destroy our young buds from blooming into beautiful flowers who will succeed in their lives and shine bright.

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