Beauty of Kashmir

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Breathtaking sceneries, mesmerizing snow caped mountains, awe-inspiring waterfalls, the tranquility of smooth lakes, magnificent flowering meadows and dazzling weather all-around the year are the words we characterize with Kashmir – also known as “Heaven on Earth” and “Switzerland of East”. Kashmir has been widely recognized and embraced for its captivating natural beauty.

Each district or valley of Azad Kashmir is breathtakingly beautiful and deserve tourists’ attention. To select a few among them is totally unjust with the rest. But if you have less time and need a help to visit only top tourist places in Kashmir, then we have a recommended list for you.

Neelum Valley


This is a thick forested region in Azad Kashmir named after Neelum River, which flows through the length of the valley. Neelum valley runs parallel to Kaghan valley only separated by snow covered mountain. Sharda is one of the most beautiful historical spots in the valley, situated on the banks of Neelum River. Along with Sharda, Jura is another most popular area in Neelum famous for its bazar and highest mountains. Dhudnial, Tehjian, and Taobat are few of most beautiful villages in the valley which should be visited. The picturesque valley is also adorned with the 4 most beautiful lakes named as Chitta Katha Lake, Shounter Lake, Ratti Gali Lake and Saral Lake.

Kel Valley


Kel is one of the most beautiful sub-valleys inside the bigger Neelum valley. It is Located 19 Km from Sharda upstream at the elevation of 2,097 meters (6879 ft). The Shounter Nallah joins river Neelum at this place and leads to Gilgit Agency over the Shandur pass. This valley also invites tourist’s attention due to its wildlife, including Brown Bear and Leopard.

Leepa Valley


Leepa – a gorgeous valley in the heart of Kashmir that provides an enthralling picturesque of green mountains, full of pine trees. Located 45 Km from Muzaffarabad and at the multiple elevations from 1,674 meters (5,492 ft) to 2,490 meters (8,167 ft), it is one of the most fascinating places in Azad Kashmir for tourists. One cannot easily come out of the magical stance of its beauty. The valley comprises of many villages out of which the most beautiful are Leepa, Reshian, Dao Khan and Chananian, each at different altitude.

Pir Chinasi


A 30 Km eastward journey from Muzaffarabad will take you to the breathtaking location of Pir Chinasi. This place has won the hearts of tourists due to its entrancing charming beauty, lush green plateaus and delightful weather. This place has also gained huge popularity due to the shrine of Pir Shah Hussain Bukhari, and their devotees take pilgrimage to refresh their stained heart. This place is perfect for trekking, hiking and camping activities and also provides a higher view of lower valleys.

Ramkot Fort


Ramkot Fort is an ancient fort situated in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan beside the Mangla Dam. It is accessible through boat, 13 kilometers away from Dina and 79 km by road journey from Mirpur (Azad Kashmir) to Dadyal village. The fort can be reached in 30 minutes time on foot from Dadyal. The best season for the visiting the fort is July to September because in that time the lake is full of water in those days.


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