Stunning Beauty Of Balochistan– Unseen Glory

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Pakistan is a country that is rich in culture and eye catching places for tourists. One cannot forget the natural scenes there after experiencing the brighter and exciting sites. One of these sites is Balochistan, which urges the tourists to pack their bags and leave immediately.

The ‘Land Of Beauty’ is enriched with breathtaking waterfalls, spectacular deep valleys and mouthwatering fruit trees to adorn. The stunning province is covered with the outstanding scenery which is a complete personification of magnificence. Explore the beautiful Pakistan.

Here is the list of hidden beauty of Balochistan one should admire!

  1. Makran Coastal Highway

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The amazing highway marked with 653 km long, lies along the Arabian Sea Coastline of Pakistan. By running through Balochistan province between Karachi and Gwadar, this place is a source of income for the people.

  1. Sunny and Cloudy Ormara

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Have you ever seen the phenomenal view of Ormara? If not, then its time to visit that spectacular place both under the clouds and hammerhead in the sunset.

  1. Gwadar At Night, Under The Lights

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To get a unique blend of cultures, must visit Gwadar, but keep one thing in mind that you are not going to miss the place at night under the lights.

  1. Hingol National Park

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One of the most beautiful places to be found in Balochistan is none other than the wildlife of the Hingol National Park. The park acts as an excellent home to wild Sindh Ibex, Afghan Urial and Chinkara Gazelle. Absorb more information by visiting here!

  1. Legendary Bolan Pass

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If you have a desire to taste history through the heartbreaking places, you must visit the legendary Bolan Pass once in your life. To see the stunning scenes, drive to the highest point of the Bolan Pass.

  1. Hanna Lake

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Built by British Colonials in 1894, this Hanna lake is one of the most imperative tourist attractions to remember. It is situated at approximately 10 Km north of Quetta, so don’t miss the chance to visit that lake to freshen your eyes and mind.

  1. The Cold Ziarat

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Ziarat, which means a ‘shrine’ (grave of a holy man), is enchanting the observers with fascinating beauty. If you want to see the most beautiful scene of Ziarat, see it when the snow falls.

  1. The Inspiring Charoo Falls

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What else anyone wants except the sloppy scenery in the morning? Yes, it is the Charoo Falls, which is a pure blessing in our country, Pakistan.

  1. Striking Pir Ghaib Falls

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At a distance of 70 km from Quetta on Sibi Road, the striking Pir Ghaib Falls is situated. The waterfall flows down rocky mountain side by making the way through streams and ponds between the shady palm trees.

  1. Chotok Khuzdar – Hidden Paradise

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Due to the strategical and central location, this Chotok Khuzdar is present to inspire people from all over the world. Its picturesque beauty fascinates the travelers in a more attractive way.

Let’s pack the luggage and get going to explore the inspiring beauty of Balochistan!

pakistan, balochistan, jovago

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