Traveling Tips For Low Budget Backpackers Coming To Pakistan

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Travelling does not always come cheap. No matter if you are travelling locally or internationally. There are various points and factors that you need to keep in mind while travelling and while packing when travelling to a particular place.

It is essential for one to be aware of what the do’s and dont’s are, what are the cultural preferences and what are the things that they need to avoid and things that they just have to experience. Each country a person or a group travels to, there are certain places and points that stand out more than the rest.

Backpackers Traveling

Backpacking as the trend rises is essentially for those who are travelling alone or in a group of friends, as the common practice states carrying only what is essential and leaving the rest behind, camping out instead of renting out rooms and cooking food on fire instead of ordering them online or from a hotel.

Travelling to Pakistan raises a lot of criticism and reluctance, being claimed as not being safe to travel. However, those who gather enough courage have positive reviews as to how Pakistan is different from what it is perceived and portrayed as.

Listed below are some tips for travellers backpacking to Pakistan for the first time.

  1. Map Your Trip

The first step one has to take is to map their trip, mark out the places you want to travel and visit, places that are worth visiting. Planning out how to start off the trip and how to go about it, places to visit, routes to take, how to go about everything in order to ensure that the trip and money is not wasted.

Mapping Your Trip - Pakistan

Visiting the north and interested in trekking, choosing the best location, forexample Fairy Meadows. An ideal location to go backpack trekking.

  1. Pack light

The most common mistake backpackers tend to make is, confusing it with packing. Keeping anything and everything is something that simply makes your travel difficult instead of easier.

Bagpackers Mistakes - Pakistan

Essential tip: pack light. Two pairs of jeans are more than enough with eight to nine tops, two pairs of socks, joggers, boots, charger, cash, basic toiletries and snacks.

  1. Choose your accommodation smartly

Backpacking in not so many terms means cheap travelling.

Thus the smarter decision here would be to camp out. In every nook and corner of Pakistan, one can go camping instead of renting out hotel rooms. Up north the best decision in order to save money will be to rent out a room at the youth hostels.

Cheaper, simpler and so much better! Make sure you have a kitchen on you.

  1. Choose your mode of travelling

All the fun in travelling is when you try to see things from the local’s perspective.

Pakistan has a lot to show and a lot hidden. Try to move past being uncomfortable and take a chance to travel in a local mode of transportation. The wind in your face and being able to feel and travel in a way, it provides an all new experience and adds a splash of adventure for you guys. It’s cheaper, simpler, and adventurous and adds a whole new experience to your list.

Traveling in Pakistan - Pakistan

The best part of travelling locally in Pakistan is that often the rickshaw drivers know their way about through streets that other hired drivers are unaware of. You get to see a lot more in just a matter of few bucks!

Moreover, travelling from south- let’s say Karachi to north like Lahore … instead of going by air, travel via a train.

Plus point?

You get to see the plains of Sindh, the beautiful landscapes, every station that the train stops at, you get to experience something new. Entering Punjab- you get to see the beautiful green lands and the fresh atmosphere that makes you feel pleasant inside out. In a matter of 18 hours, you get to experience the part of Pakistan that you would have otherwise missed.

Travelling to mountainous regions?

Hire a jeep.

  1. Hold on to proper modes of communication

It is essential to hold on to proper modes of communication in Pakistan.

Modes of Communication - Pakistan

Making sure you get a local number in order to communicate with local guide, and for other purposes, such as hotel booking, restaurants bookings etc. don’t forget to give your contact details to your family so that they are constantly in contact with you.

Make sure the network you choose has reliable service and works up north so that incase of emergencies.

  1. Hire a travel guide

Even the locals sometimes need help when exploring Pakistan.

Do not forget to hire a local guide, the one who can take you to places and help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. These guides can be changed from city to city and can remain one throughout.

Best way to go about this is to get a reference or ask someone who has visited Pakistan prior. This ensures that you don’t get lost in the northern areas and have someone with you to tell you what are the to go places and what are the places that you need to visit.

  1. Arrange for your food smartly

Backpacking calls for travelling smartly, keeping all the essentials and nothing that will take up more space than what’s necessary. Thus, while packing it is important that you keep instant food packages and snacks on you so that whenever hunger strikes you have something that can keep you energised.

The most common sort of snacks include biscuits, granola bars, energy bites, juices, energy drinks and sandwiches.

  1. Carry cash and plastic money both

Travelling abroad we do not essentially have to worry about carrying money, all the transactions can be made via cards.

However, in Pakistan it is essential that you have both on you. While in the metropolitan cities, the need for cash might not arise that much but still having cash on you is a smart move.

However, travelling to the north it is important to note that plastic money has no use. All transactions are to be made by cash since there are no signals and the locals depend on the cash they receive.

Online Hotel Booking - Pakistan

These are some of the major factors and tips that foreigners need to keep in mind while backpacking to Pakistan. Many wonderful locations wait to enchant you with their

Many wonderful locations wait to enchant you with their mesmerising beauty and the lush greenery on the mountains. Book your trip now and backpack to Pakistan keeping these simple yet important tips in mind!


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