Astonishingly Beautiful Places in Pakistan That Are Ideal For Shooting a Movie

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Undoubtedly, Pakistan, is one of the very few nations blessed with absolutely jaw dropping landscapes that are accessible to people during all four seasons of the year. Although, unlike the past, the domestic tourism has immensely increased within Pakistan, there is still so much of potential in the travel and tourism industry of Pakistan which can be tapped using the right measures.

Just like the tourism industry, the film industry in Pakistan is also showing signs of a promising future This opens up a huge room for collaboration between these two industries, both supplementing and complementing each other to deliver excellent output. One of the ways how these two industries can work together, is by conducting movie shoots at the astonishingly beautiful places within Pakistan; that are still relatively unknown to the common masses.

Jovago Pakistan, highlights popular travel destinations within Pakistan that can serve as excellent places to conduct a film shoot.

  1. Babusar Lake


It is located at the most northern part of the most beautiful Naran Valley. It is a very famous  tourist spot as is almost always filled with travel enthusiasts who can’t just stop awing at the serenity of this amazing loveable place.

Once reached, you can also visit the following places:

Lulusar Lake

Lalazar Plateau

Dodiputsar Lake

Kunhar River

Nanga Parbat

  1. Muzzafarabad


This capital city of Azad Kashmir is known for its absolutely beautiful mountain cliffs and various other tourist attractions. In addition, the place is also very well known for its unique culture and hospitality of its residents.

  1. Murree


Murree is one of the beautiful travel locations that is relatively more urbanized compared to other adjoining popular tourist locations. It is also very popular for its wildlife in addition to its beautiful scenic views.

  1. Skardu


Located near the very famous Gilgit is a town called Skardu which has a lot of influx of tourists from all around the country.

The following tourist locations are easily accessible through Skardu:






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