Amazing Pakistan: 10 Small Cities, 3 Interesting Facts!

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Pakistan, amazing yes! But you wouldn’t know that if you’ve been under the cave or influenced by what the media tells you. Either of the two or nobody ever told you about the interesting sites to visit, ‘When in Pakistan’.

Here are some of the top most beautiful, if not beautiful then interesting facts and features of Pakistan you need to know!


The place where you get the best sugarcane! (Not sugar-coating anything here!). Ever been to Derawar Fort? The majestic views amongst the sun set and sunrise are surely going to get you awestruck. The ancient Mughlai Fort is yet another feature of the town that gives all the royal feels, if you weren’t born in royalty you may as well witness it, the stunning architecture needs to be acknowledged. For all the book lovers, out there! Head over to the Central Library, be inspired by the unique construction, calling all architects!

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Rahim Yar Khan

A small city with a big town mindset! It is unlike the usual small cities in Pakistan. You will find a lot of diversities considering the people, the places, the buildings, add this to your list of places the next time you visit Pakistan. In general Rahim Yar Khan boasts on many historical monuments. You will find a lot of budget hotels if your’e planning a visit there.

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Up for some adventure? Head over to Dipalpur, which is unlike the Waga border, over here you would see India’s Beas River nearby since it is in somewhat close proximity. The city has a lot of Shrines that people regularly visit to spark their spirituality. Kamanawala is the place to be to witness the small-town life, greenery, and the main shrines.

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Previously known as ‘Montgomery’ in the eighties when the city was founded; is now is a native tribe that composes of the popular Harappa where you could witness the previous culture through ruins of times as old as 3000 BC! There is the District Headquarter Building where the British used to rule in the 1850’s and now is a high school for boys. The Suri Mosque is an absolute treat if you’re looking for a spiritual getaway!

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If you want to witness the nightlife of the place then head-over to Zuhab in Sukkur, the club has a lot of entertainment and tourist activities in store for its visitors. Be sure to head towards ‘Satiyan JO Asthan’ aka The tomb of seven sisters, we won’t spoil the story for you, you need to hear it from the people themselves for starters you should definitely plan a picnic here, its popular with the locals! The ‘Ghanta Ghar’ or The Clock Tower is also amongst their most popular monuments, has all the exotic spices, fresh fruits and vegetable markets nearby if you wish to visit.

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The Company Bagh boasts on green sceneries, fresh air, flowers everywhere! It’s like a secret garden hidden in Sargodha. The Kirana Hills are a fan favorite, for artists who are looking for inspiration, go to this place during the sun sets, you can get the perfect picture of a silhouette, a picture surely lasts a lifetime just like memories do! Pakistan’s Air Force Base is another place to visit and witness the splendor of our courageous air force with a showcasing of airplanes and fighter jets.

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Yes, you thought it right, when there is talk regarding Larkana, ‘Moen Jo Daro’ is amongst the first tourist spots to come up. It features the ancient civilization of Indus Valley, that had their unique culture, norms, and traditions which can be highlighted by the ruins and wrecks. Up for some Yoga? join the random group of people that engage in strolling around the park and arranging picnics with families at the Jinnah Park. Garhi Khuda Bakhsh is another popular feature of the town that has gained a lot of attention due to its political aspect and Sufism.

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Mirpur Khas

Over to the fourth largest city in Sindh, where shrines, shopping galleries and lakes highlight the city’s topographies. Some of the interesting facts of the town comprise of places that hold historic values, such as the Tomb of Tharo Khan amidst the many sites at the Chitorri Graveyard, check out the momentous sandstone vaults and tombs showcasing the unique architecture of the seventies! Another common landmark of the city is the Jamia Masjid.

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The city where you will find shrines, bazaars, old British-era architectures and so much more. The city is filled with culture and heritage! The mountains there make the scenery look more majestic. Be sure to check the 2 Km long Kohat Tunnel when you’re traveling from Peshawar. The Tanda Dam is also amongst the best features that were built around the sixties, the landscapes surrounding it are mesmerizing. If you want to witness the river Indus, do visit the Khushal Garh, arrange your next stay at some of the most accommodating motels there.

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An old city with some historic foundations laid by the British, before independence! Some of the best spring festivals are held at the City Park and you can find Khanewal’s wildlife at the Pirowal Wildlife Park. Khanewal City Center is also amongst the top tourist spots to visit if you’re looking for recreational activities.

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So now that you know what places to opt for your next vacation in Pakistan, grab those bags and head straight towards your desired city! This country has so much more to offer to its guests, acknowledge and be amazed! Exciting adventures await you.


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