9 Places To Visit In Gwadar

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Being another one of Pakistan’s city with a port, over the past few years, Gwadar has started to be appreciated for its beauty, economic value as well as being acknowledged as one of the most important city of Pakistan.

Since decades, whenever one thinks of travelling locally, all that they think of is the northern areas, and the valleys that are up north, again nothing wrong in that. However, making other cities in the south feel isolated and not appreciated for the beauty they have, albeit not the same, is wrong.

Similarly, cities in the south such as Gwadar, Gorakh, Thatta, are not appreciated as much as they should be. However over the last few years, Gwadar has significantly risen and has gained much importance than perceived. With its local tourist spots coming into notice, it has attracted a significant amount of tourists, which increase every year.

Here are some of the major hotspots selected by Jovago Pakistan that you can go to, when you travel to Gwadar:

Gwadar Port

A warm water deep sea port on the Arabian Sea in the province of Baluchistan, Gwadar port is situated on the three most important cross-roads, the oil rich Middle East, central Asian countries and Pakistan. It connects Pakistan to all major trading spots, providing it with a major strategic importance.

Providing on of the most beautiful view of the Arabian Sea with clear water, it is now attracting tourists from all over the world as well as potential business deals that are leading to the development of the port. For instance the CPEC initiation.

Gawadar port Jovago Pakistan


Resembling the shape of the hammerhead whale, this mass of rock was created by the mud volcano that erupted. Majority of the rocks in the Gwadar district were created through the eruption of these volcanos.  Hammerhead provides a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea on its southern side and a breathtaking view of the Gwadar city on its north.

Hammerhead Jovago Pakistan


Located 240 km from Karachi, Ormara is the midpoint of Karachi and Gwadar. This area is under the Pakistan navy, with their vessels scattered all over providing the tourists a rather captivating view of the naval forces at work. The hammerhead protects Ormara from the sea and the beaches and the water remains untouched. Ormara was one of the pit stop for Alexander the great, and one of his generals died here, named ormuz, thus the name Ormara.

Ormara Jovago Pakistan

The sphinx

Ever wondered how it would feel to see the wondrous sphinx in Egypt, up front and not in pictures? Gwadar has its own naturally carved sphinx, located on the top of the range, it exactly resembles the man-made sculpture. Its beauty and wonder has brought about many visitors from all over.

Sphinx Jovago Pakistan

Princess of Hope

Located in the largest national park of Pakistan, princess of hope is another one of the major tourist attractions. People believe that the formation was man made however history claims that it was carved in the same way as the sphinx and the hammerhead- through the eruption of the Mud Mountains that covered the regions.

Princess of hope Jovago Pakistan

Buzzi Pass

Main reason to travel to Gwadar, is known to be the Buzzi pass itself. It presents us with the most spectacular scenery on each side, one can simply not help hold their breath in wonder and awe. Overlooking the Hingol National Park and the wondrous natural carvings, it provides a spectacular view. Fact about Buzzi Pass that is known to be famous is that Alexander the great passed by here and on tis pass, he lost many of his legions.

Buzzy Pass Jovago Pakistan


Passing by the Hingol river bridge, is the coastal semi dessert that offers the locals and tourists a chance at desert safari on its sand dunes. It is yet again one of the reasons why the tourist gathering at Gwadar has increased.

Desert Jovago Pakistan

Baba Chandrakup

Initially the area covered by the mud volcanoes, there are now only a few left, one of them being baba Chandrakup. While the volcanoes are supposed to spit out scorching rocks or magma, this mud volcano spits out COLD mud.

To reach there, one needs to either travel 7 km by foot or rent a 4×4. According to the Hindu mythology, pilgrims travelling used to camp their overnight and confess their sins. Those who failed to do so, were asked to go back.

Baba Chundrakup Jovago Pakistan

Astola Island

Also known as the “island of the seven hills”, it is located in the Pasni ‘district of Gwadar. The island stretches 6.7 km and depth of 2.3, the highest point if the island is 246 ft. above the sea level. It provides a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. It maintains a rather endemic living style due to its isolated location.

It is known to support a large breeding water birds and creatures but lacks in any sort of greenery. There is no source of fresh water and all the agricultural activities depend on the occasional rainfall.

Apart from all these factors, one still cannot help but visit these areas because of beauty and the opportunities of camping, scuba diving and fishing.

Astola Island Jovago Pakistan


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