5 Destinations in Pakistan To Head Out to This Winter Season

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The four seasons are a blessing of Mother Nature for human beings. They provide Earth to experience the different changes that occur in the weather. There are only a handful of countries all over the globe that are able to experience all four seasons and enjoy the various offerings as a result of the changes in weather.

Pakistan is one those countries that are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy all the four seasons. The various natural wonders that the country possesses, enthrall  travelers with the  different views in all the four seasons.

As the winter season is just around the corner, Jovago Pakistan brings to you a list of 5 destinations in Pakistan that are a must visit in the cold season.

  1. Hunza valley


Referred to as heaven on Earth, Hunza is situated at an approximate distance of 100 kilometers from Gilgit. Hunza is a valley in the region of Gilgit Baltistan and is situated at the North/ West side of the Hunza River. The valley is surrounded by various mountain peaks and provides a stunning view in the winter season when the snow encase these mountains in a white blanket.

  1.   Ziarat Valley

ziarat 1

Ziarat valley is located in the Ziarat District, Balochistan. It is basically a hill station that is located at an altitude of 8000 feets. The valley is home to the world’s second largest juniper forest with its Juniper trees being one of the oldest trees in the world. A stunning view, which is certainly enchanting, is provided to the travellers when the area is covered with a blanket of snow in the winter season.

  1. Leepa Valley


Located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, the Leepa Valley is considered to be one the most stunning wonders that Azad Kashmir seem to possess. The valley is surrounded by mountains. The pine trees which cover these mountains provide an picturesque allure in the winter season when snow decides to wrap them in its white blanket.

  1.   Quetta

Quetta City

The capital city of Balochistan, which is the largest province of Pakistan. The city is famous for the Pashtun delicacies that comprise of delicious fruits, both dry and fresh. As a result, Quetta is known as the fruit garden of Pakistan. Although it gets pretty cold in the winter season, Quetta offers an alluring sight to the travelers that makes it a must-visit destination.

  1. Malam Jabba


Malam Jabba is the only ski resort in Pakistan and is a popular tourist destination where tourists head to in order to enjoy the winter season. It is equipped with various tourist facilities including chair lift, ice-skating rinks and skiing platforms.

If you have any information on any other tourist destination that is a must visit in the winter season, then do share it with us in the comments section below.

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  2. Anaya Khan

    November 13, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Hi, the way you wrote this all stuff was really very helpful for me to plan my visits towards these places to visit in Pakistan, Very nice work really very amazing and appreciated, hope to get more supporting and spectacular stuff from you in future.

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