4 days in Murree

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Murree is Pakistan’s easily accessible retreat which remains crowded with foreigners and locals throughout the year. This serene city is located near the Himalayas – about a 2 hour drive from Islamabad. The area is known for its scenic vistas of pine, oak-covered mountains, glistening rivulets, and relaxing atmosphere. Murree is a heavenly site – often referred to as a romantic getaway for travelers.

Day 1 

1. Mall road
Mall Road is a long winding road that has a huge market (on both sides) and cars are not allowed to enter the closed off area. The marketplace has an assortment of crafts, souvenirs, fine eateries, rides and much more. Jovago.net has several hotel options located on Mall Road and at a very reasonable price


2. Murree Tabbaq Restaurant
Tabbaq restaurant is located on Mall Road. One should have breakfast here before starting the day’s activities. It opens early in the morning to serve breakfast such as halwa puri, eggs, paratha and tea. It is famous for its delicious cuisine which is cooked by an expert chef.


3. Pindi Point
After breakfast and strolling on Mall road, tourists can either take a Bacha Gari or walk to the Pindi point (roughly 15-20 minutes walk depending on one’s speed). Pindi point is a stunning mountainous, lush green spot dominated by beautiful daffodils. It has chairlifts that visitors can use to get a bird’s eye view of the scenery, zigzagged pine lines, snow capped peaks and valleys.


4. Kashmir Point
Kashmir Point is another beautiful place to wander around. Travelers can sightsee, hike, take pictures, go horseback riding, or sit on the terrace at the Point and enjoy coffee. It is also a residence of the Punjab Governor, which was built in 19th century.


Day 2 

1. Trinity church
The famous Holy Trinity Church was built in 1857 and still remains functional in Murree. In colonial times, the church was the center of life and its architecture makes it is worthy of a visit.


2. Sindh House
Continuing the journey from the church, up ahead on the road are Punjab and Sindh houses – designed at the hilltop to cater needs of the provincial government. These are similar to the large number of government, semi-government and private departments and institution maintained guesthouses in Murree.


3. Remnants of Murree Brewery
The Murree Brewery was established in 1860 by Dyer – father of Col Dyer, the butcher of Amritsar. It is located 6 kilometers from Sunny Bank at Ghora Gali.


Day 3

1. Sozo Water Park
Starting the day with a rejuvenating visit to Sozo Water Park is the most exciting experience. It offers plenty of rides and a haunted house. The park takes pride in being the first and largest water park in Pakistan.


2. Bhurban
After the Sozo Water Park, one can drive to the Bhurban resort – one of the most picturesque places in the country. It is known for scenic hiking trails in the nearby Ayubia National Park, unique flora and fauna, The ‘5 star’ Pearl Continental Hotel and Bhurban Apartments.

Bhurban-Murree-a-cool-view (1)

3. Dine at Red Onion
Red Onion serves a great variety of Chinese, Indian local and continental Bar-B-Q dishes. The restaurant is constructed like an American bar, with red bricks and dim lights for a perfect dining experience.


1. Patriata
Also called New Murree – Patriata is 15 km from Murree Hills. It’s famous for its 2 hour chairlift which is comparable to international chairlifts.

Cable Car - Patriata

2. Ayubia
Ayubia is 26 km from Murree hills. It consists of four hill stations Ghor Daka, Khanspur, Gali Changla and Khairagali. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Ayubia to visit the majestic Ayubia National Park. Ayubia offers comfortable and modern amenities, including hotels, restaurants and sports facilities for both summer and winter seasons.


3. Daffodils Restaurant
Daffodils restaurant is considered as one of the best places to eat while visiting Ayubia. In addition to the delicious food, the restaurant is located at a peaceful picturesque location.

Food in Ayubia

Murree is indeed a beautiful place that attracts many visitors. After visiting the area, one may find yourself planning your next trip to Murree, Pakistan!

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