30 Of Top 100 Peaks of The World Are In Pakistan! Mountaineers Paradise

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Mountains and peaks are scattered all over the world but Pakistan is known to have the greatest concentration of peaks above 8000m as well as being the home to the second highest peak of the world.

This blog post talks about the major peaks of Pakistan that accounts it to be one of the ideal places for mountaineering, attracting mountaineers from all over the world to come and visit Pakistan and conquer some of the most dangerous and exhilarating peaks of the world.

Being a home to over 33 peaks, Pakistan has been unfortunate to have only couple of the peaks conquered. Here is a list of the peaks that will attract locals and international mountaineers and provide them with more adventure and enthralling peaks to conquer and visit

  1. K-2

At 8611m, being the second highest peak of the word, K-2 has managed to attract, over the decade numerous mountaineers from all over the world, to carve in the history that they have successfully conquered the “Savage Mountain” due to the difficulty to ascend.

K-2 Pakistan

  1. Nanga Parbat

Known as the Naked Peak, with the height of 8125m, Nanga Parbat is the 9th highest peak of the world. It is located in the Gilgit Baltistan District of Pakistan. Due to its reputation, it has gained various names over the period of time, such as Deo Mir and the Killer Mountain, due to the numerous deaths of the mountaineers

Nanga Parbat Jovago Pakistan

  1. Gasherbrum I

The 11th highest peak of the world, at 8068m Gasherbrum I resides in the Gilgit Baltistan District of Pakistan, Gasherbrum I is the Hidden Peak of the Karakoram Range.

Gasherbrum I - Pakistan

  1. Broad peak

Standing at the height of 8051m, Broad peak is the 12th highest peak of the world. The name Broad Peak was in reference to the Breithorn in the Alps. This peak has various summits such as the Rocky Summit, Broad Peak Central, Broad Peak North and Kharut Kangri.

Broad peak - Pakistan

  1. Gasherbrum II, III & IV

Located in the Karakorum Range on top of the Baltoro Glacier, Gasherbrum II is the 14th highest peak in the world, Gasherbrum III being the 15th highest at 7952m and Gasherbrum IV being the 17th highest peak of the world at 7925m.

Gasherbrum II, III & IV - Pakistan

First conquered by the Australian climber Fritz Moravec, Gasherbrum Ranges have a list of climbers making this peak is one of the famous spots for mountaineers.

  1. Distaghil Sar

At 7,885m, Distaghil Sar ranks 20th in the international ranking. It is the 7th highest peak of Pakistan, and this alone has attracted a long list of climbers. The simpler description of the name of the peak can be taken as the “above the inner Ranch”

Distaghil Sar - Pakistan

  1. Kunyang Chhish

22nd highest peak of Pakistan, Kunyang Chhish is located in the Karakorum Range at 7862m and 8th highest in Pakistan. The first climb began in 1962 but was aborted soon afterwards because of an avalanche that killed the two climbers with the bodies never recovered.

Kunyang Chhish Jovago Pakistan

  1. Masherbrum NE

Being the 24th highest peak of the world, Masherbrum is at the height of 7821m in the Karakorum Range. It is the 9th highest peak of Pakistan. The name of the mountain came about with the fact that the sunlight never succeeded in melting the snow and the peak remains white 365 days of the year. It is also known as the queen of peaks.

Masherbrum NE - Pakistan

  1. Rakaposhi

Situated in the Nagar Valley in the Nagar district of Gilgit Baltistan, Rakaposhi, which means snow covered is also known as Dummani (mother of mist) ranks 27 globally and 12th in Pakistan. While this peak may be ranking as one of the top peaks in the world, it is more commonly known because of its beauty.

This is the only mountain that is uninterrupted vertically making it the tallest mountain when measured from base to peak.

Rakaposhi - Pakistan

  1. Batura

28 highest peak of Pakistan, Batura peaks are located to the south of Batura glacier at the height of 7785m. This range is known to separate the Pamir and the Hindu Kush ranges from the Karakorum.

Batura - Pakistan

  1. Kanjut Sar

A mountain located in the sub range of the Karakorum mountain range, Kanjut Sar at the height of 7760m, is the 29th highest peak if the world.

Kanjut Sar - Pakistan

  1. Saltoro Kangri

Highest peak of the Saltoro range, Saltoro Kangri is at the height of 7742m making it the 33rd highest peak in the world. Saltoro Kangri rises dramatically above the valleys of the Kondus and Saltoro River of Baltistan to the west of the peak. This peak is rarely visited.

Saltoro Kangri - Pakistan

  1. Trivor

Located in the sub range of the Karakorum Range, Trivor is at the height of 7720m making it the 36th highest peak in the world. Till date, this peak has had only two successful climbs, one being the 1960 climb by a British American party.

Trivor - Pakistan

  1. Tirich Mir

Highest mountain  of the [Hindu Kush range, Tirich Mir stands at the height of 7708m, it is the 40th highest peak in the world. It overlooks the Chitral town and can easily be sighted from the main bazaar. It was first conquered in 1950 by the Norwegian expedition.

Tirich Mir Jovago Pakistan

  1. Chogolisa

Also known as the Bride Peak, it stands at the height of the 77654m, ranking itself as the 46th tallest mountain in world.

Chogolisa - Pakistan

In 1909, the first expedition began and was able to make a record even when the bad conditions prevented the expedition to proceed further. The second expedition that started was interrupted by a snowstorm and a climber fell to his death with his body never found.

  1. Shispare

One of the highest peak of the western sub range often Karakorum range, Shispare is the 49th highest peak of the world at 7619m. It lies east of the Batura Wall, and towering over the west of the Hunza River.

Shispare - Pakistan

  1. Skyang Kangri

Also known as the Staircase Peak, Skyang Kangri is located on the Pak-China Border at the height of 7544m, it is the 58th highest peak in the world. The name Staircase peak refers to the east peak, which resembles a giant staircase of 5 steps.

The first attempt to climb this peak was back in 1909 during an expedition to K2, in 1975 when a climber fell to his death and gain in 1975 when Japanese succeeded in making the climb.

Skyang Kangri - Jovgo Pakistan

  1. Pumuri Chhish

Ranking as the 67th highest peak of the world, Pumuri Chhish lies in the heart of the Hispar, north of the Hispar glacier.

Pumuri Chhish - Pakistan

  1. Noshaq

The second highest independent peak of the Hindu Kush range, Noshaq is the 68th highest peak of the world. Situated on the border of the Afghanistan Chitral district, Noshaq stands at the height of 7492m

Noshaq - Pakistan

  1. K-12

Second highest peak in Saltoro ranges, K12 is located near the Jammu Kashmir region at the height of 7468m. Although ranked as the 73rd highest peak in the world, located on the line of control, K12 has seen limited climbing activity due to the continuous political unrest and the continued military presence.

K-12 - Pakistan

  1. Teram Kangri

Lying near the boundary of China and the disputed Siachen Glacier region of the line of control of India and Pakistan, Teram Kangri is the 74th highest peak in the world. It is the peak controlled by Pakistan, China and India- due to its unique location.

Teram Kangri - Pakistan

  1. Malubiting

Also known as the Malubiting west, this peak is located in the heart of Rakaposhi-Harmosh Mountains at the height of 7452m.  Malubiting rises steeply over the Phuparash River to the southwest while on east, large Chogo Lungma Glacier starts on its slope.

Malubiting was unsuccessfully attempted in 1955, 1959, 1968, 1969 and 1970 and 1971 before the first ascent in 1971.

Malubiting - Pakistan

  1. Sia Kingri

Ranking as the 79th highest peak in the world, Sia Kingri stands at the height of 7422m in the Karakorum Range.  Its summit is once again controlled by China, Pakistan and India. This peak was first conquered in 1934.

Sia Kingri - Pakistan

  1. Skilbrum

Ranked as the 80th highest mountain in the world, Skilbrum stands at the height of 7420m opposite the Broad Peak and on the western side of the Godwin Austin in the Karakorum Range. The first ascent took place in 1957 in a pure alpine style.

Skilbrum Jovago Pakistan

  1. Teram Kangri II

Being the 82nd tallest mountain in the world, Teram Kangri II stands at the height of 7402m in the Karakorum Range. This peak was conquered in 1978 by an Indian expedition to lay a claim on the Siachen glacier.

Teram Kangri II - Pakistan

  1. Haramosh

Haramosh is located 65km east of Gilgit. Haramosh ranks as the 84th tallest mountain with the height of 7406m. It is the part of the Rakaposhi-Haramosh mountains- a sub range if the Karakoram range. It was first conquered by a Swiss team in 1947 and German team investigating the northeastern route in 1957.

Haramosh - Pakistan

  1. Istor-o-nal

The third highest mountain in the Hindu Kush range and the 85 highest in the world, Istor-o-nal stands at the height of 7403m in the Chitral district of Gilgit Baltistan. The name in Chitral language means horseshoe, however how the name came about is unclear.

Istor-o-nal - Pakistan

  1. Mt Ghent

A high peak near the Saltoro Ranges in the Karakorum Range, Mt Ghent stands at the height of 7400m as the 86th highest peak in the world.

It is located in west of Siachen Glacier in an area under Indian control since 1984. But at the same time extremely close to the actual ground position line with Pakistan. This peak was first conquered in 1961 by Wolfgang Axt, a member of the Australian expedition.

Mt Ghent - Pakistan

  1. Yukshin Garden Sar

A high peak of the Hispar range in the Karakorum, Yukshin Garden Sar stands at the height of 7400m as the 87th tallest peak in the world. The first climb for this mountain took place in 1984 by a Pakistani-Austrian Expedition.

Yukshin Garden Sar - Pakistan

  1. Ultar Sar I & II

A southwestern major peak of the Batura in the Karakoram, Ultar Sar stands at the height if 7388m as the 88th tallest mountain in the world. It lies in the Hunza Valley of the Gilgit Baltistan District, it is very notable due to its dramatic rise above the local terrain, and making it a rather striking peak with Hunza River curved around it.

Ultar Sar Peak Hunza Jovago Pakistan

Pakistan is greatly concentrated with the 30 of the top 100 peaks of the world with the world second tallest and 9th tallest in Pakistan.

These peaks provide mountaineers with an array of choices, which ultimately increases the tourism industry to flourish. Given that the government takes all the necessary measures, these peaks can play a major role in the generation of revenue through the tourism industry.

Pakistan provides the mountaineers from all over the world with challenging peaks and a scenic beauty which makes them want to conquer the magnificent peak.

Jovago Pakistan


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