Wishes From All Around The World On Pakistan Day – Pakistan

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On this delightful day of 23rd March, Jovago Pakistan shares some heart touching messages of some of the foreigners who visited Pakistan.

Emily Hauze

Dear friends,

Assalaam-o-alaikum. I write to you with love and respect on the occasion of Pakistan Resolution Day, March 23, 2017.

I am writing from my home in the United States, at a time when my own country is experiencing a crisis of identity. In recent weeks, our nation has been forced to examine its relationship to the outside world, and it is entirely uncertain in which direction we will go.

There are certain forces here which advocate isolationism, paranoia, and suspicion of other nations, particularly those with Muslim majority populations. However, those attitudes do not represent all of America: in fact, those negative attitudes are starkly opposed to our constitution.

A larger portion of Americans have been inspired to stand up in favor of equality, love, and responsibility toward being good citizens of the world. In short, my nation appears to be at a turning point, and we will need wisdom and courage to move in the right direction.

Foreigners in Pakistan

For you in Pakistan, similar movements are needed. You face threats of violence and disruption not unlike those which are currently menacing my own country. But, like us, you also have a strong foundation of justice, peace, and equality, at the heart of your identity.

Today you commemorate the noble ideals upon which your country was founded. It is a time for you to revisit your history and consider the ideals of your founders, and the nation they hoped to create. It is a time for reflection and understanding.

As an honorary Pakistani, I will join you in exploring that history and refamiliarizing myself with the bold vision of Mr. Jinnah and the other venerable people who created your country. I believe that we as nations will be capable of moving forward in peace and wisdom, as long as we remember the lessons of our own history.

I am an American by coincidence, having been born here to American parents. But I call myself a Pakistani by choice, out of love for you all and your beautiful country, into which you have accepted me as a sister and a daughter. Being connected to Pakistan, by love and grace, is a source of deep pride for me. On this Resolution Day, my prayers are with you especially. May your great nation be blessed with peace, stability, prosperity, and happiness.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Mahazizi Abd Latif

Since the day I entered Pakistan from Sost until I left Lahore, I knew that there was something special about this country and I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll come back again.

I strongly feel that Pakistan was not just beautiful in scenery, but also the people living in this country. I learned and appreciate a value of humanity, sincerity, hospitality, kindness & togetherness from this country, which I called it as ‘Street University of Life’. For all these, I would like to thank you for your kind hospitality in treating travelers like me. I will never forget that.

Foreigners in Pakistan

Dear all Pakistani brothers and sisters, wishing you Happy Pakistan Resolution Day. Despite several incidents happened recently in the country, don’t let it go inside you and tear you apart, stay strong and keep faith of Allah the Almighty and practice the real Islam. Show the world the true picture and color of Pakistan.

Hope to see you all again in near future, insha Allah….Assalamualaikum. Pakistan Zindabad!

Josephine and David

Lovely Pakistani friends,

We wish you a great Pakistan Resolution Day. May it all be within peace and may people feel free. All the people in Pakistan.

Foreigners in Pakistan

It’s a pity we can not celebrate it with you now, since we are in your neighboring country, but at the same time we are happy to say that we have been to your beautiful country and that we will return again in April. We are looking forward to it!

With warm regards,

Liz Norman 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me to the truly beautiful and hospitable Pakistan.I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to visit and explore some of the most mind-blowing mountains in the world. The sheer vastness of the areas around Hunza and Skardu are now so deeply a part of me.

Foreigners in Pakistan

The vibrant chaotic culture of Lahore is something I’ll never forget. I feel I have a new place to call home. I’m excited to be returning to experience Pakistan in spring!

I’m looking forward to seeing the welcoming smiles and friends again. Pakistan Zindabad. With love from Frothy Betty… aka Liz

Wallei Bautista Trinidad

Message for Pakistan Resolution Day:

I congratulate Pakistan and all Pakistanis scattered all over the world for this very important day.

The freedom each one of you enjoys is because of the brave men who stood still for the independence you are reaping.

Foreigners in Pakistan

With joys in my heart, I join each one of you in this significant date. The love you have for your country is one thing I truly admire. And as my second home, I feel blessed to be a part of the lives of Pakistanis. Kudos to the independence that you have reaped as a nation.

May each one of you be bold enough to always defend your freedom. Pakistan Zindabad!

Craig Reynolds

I would like to offer my congratulations to all Pakistani friends and hope they enjoy the celebrations. I will be with some new friends in Ireland celebrating the day.

Foreigners in Pakistan

Jovago Pakistan wishes you all best on this special day of 23rd March with the belief that we together, will continue to strengthen Pakistan.
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