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In the heart of the South-East lies a captivating spectacle that would make you marvel. That is the Ogbunike Cave. It is the beautiful bride of Anambra state where everyone wants to visit for sightseeing, picnic and other leisure activities. The Ogbunike cave is presently on the tentative list of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites., Africa’s No 1 Online Booking Portal can unequivocally say that this is a far reaching recognition as it can help attract more tourists from all over the world. But, it would boost tourism in the state if the Ogbunike cave can be listed as a world heritage site. It is located in Oyi local government, of the state.

Anambra State

Anambra state is a key player in the politics of the South-East and Nigeria at large. The ‘Light of the Nation’ was created on 27 August, 1991. Anambra state has a population of 4,055,048 according to the 2006 census. The Gross Domestic Product of the state as at 2011 was N1.005 trillion. Key cities in the state include Onitsha, Awka (state capital) and Nnewi.


Getting there

The distance From Lagos to Anambra via road is 498km. In other words, it will take you approximately six hours to arrive Anambra from Lagos. Meanwhile, if you prefer to fly, Arik operates two flights per day to Asaba, Delta State. The flight is just an hour. You can drive to Ogbunike cave which is just a 40 minutes’ drive from Asaba.

About the cave

There are pockets of caves in Nigeria, but the Ogbunike cave is outstanding because of its history and unique structure. Historically, the cave provided a safe haven for people escaping from police men searching for slaves to kidnap. The cave is made up of a total of 10 to 15 tunnels with each tunnel leading to different directions. The cave can best be described as a labyrinth. The main cave consists of a huge structure with a big open chamber which is 5m high, 10m wide and 30m long.   In addition, water flows from one of the cave and this water is reported to have some kind of spiritual power. To celebrate the discovery of the cave, the “Ime Ogbe” festival is often celebrated yearly. Meanwhile, there are some caveats you must take note of like pulling-off your shoes at the entrance of the cave and also women having their circles are not allowed to visit the cave.

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Things to do

Climbing the over 317 steps to reach the cave is one of the exciting things you can do at the Ogbunike cave. When you get to the entrance, don’t forget to pull off your shoe. By the way, it is advisable for you to buy everything you are going to eat and drink from Onitsha because you may not get what you really want in the community hosting the cave. If you forget, don’t worry there are relaxation spots dotted around the community where you can buy some indigenous foods and drinks (palm wine). If you are going with your significant other or family members, you can have launch or picnic inside the cave. The cool breeze from the river around the cave makes the cave itself very warm. You can also attend the Ime ogbe festival.


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