MICE Tourism: Knowing the Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibition Travel Market

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Are you wondering what the term “MICE” means in the context of travel? It is an acronym for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. It is also popularly referred to as the meetings industry or the events industry to create a more appealing image for travel destinations and accommodations. The MICE market has evolved into a huge moneymaker for the travel industry, it is an extensive niche of travel which covers planning, booking, seminars as well as conference facilitation.

Understanding the concept of MICE Travel

MICE travel covers a number of key components, travel agents in this field offer a range of travel and conference services for both large and small groups for either short or long events.

The key players in MICE travel are:

  • Travel-selling professionals
  • Corporate meeting planners
  • Professional trade organizations
  • Private tour operators and transfer companies
  • Meetings and convention departments of hotels
  • Logistics firms
  • Incentive houses
  • Conference centers or cruise ships
  • Food and beverage managers
  • Tourism boards
  • Tourism trade associations

Mice Travel agencies are often affiliated with large companies due to the level of planning involved which could be years in advance. Several destinations market themselves as MICE locations and bid for events through their convention and visitor bureaus directories. They often offer subsidies to attract large events, this as a result helps increase tourism revenue provide through the visitor’s economic impact on the host location.

What is a Meeting vs. Conference Travel?

According to the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers, a meeting is defined as any number of people coming together in a place for a certain activity. Meetings can be a one-time event or might recur regularly. A conference is usually a larger gathering of people with specific objective and activities that involve exchange of information.

What is an Incentive Travel?

Incentive Travel is a key component of MICE given to employees as a reward. It is a non business vacation which doesn’t involve business or explicit educational component. It more channeled towards team motivation and reward aimed at keeping the workforce geared toward optimal performance. Incentive Travel is a reward for the employees and it sometimes covers the family of the employee. Jumia Travel offers several destination and travel packages perfect as an incentive for high performers in your organization.

What is an Exhibition Travel?

An Exhibitions Travel involves the display of products and services at a chosen location or destination. These products/ services are the key focus of the event. Many conferences also have exhibitions as one its primary focus. During Exhibition Travel, businesses try to engage and acquire new clients as well as launch new services.

Whether its a small or large company, there’s no denying the value of a top class MICE event organized to showcase your products, build new client relationships, host a company event or to reward your employees for their hard work. For many companies, this is an investment and often times, its usually one to remember.

Several prominent events are been hosted annually across the globe under the MICE travel umbrella. This extremely demanding and specialized area of the industry has also seen several employees enjoy the benefits of the incentive niche of MICE travel.

Planning for a single MICE event can begin years in advance. Sometimes the most prestigious locations are required with the most incredible catering and accommodation requests, not forgetting top class entertainment or activities for the attendees.

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