Lagos Destination: Things to Do at Eleko Beach

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Eleko Beach is a scenic beach in the city of Lagos located along 56 km, Lekki-Epe Expressway Lagos.
It is a private beach which offers a serene retreat from the everyday hassle of a city lifestyle. It is perfect for time out with friends, personal getaway or great time with kids.

Eleko Beach is located not too far from the famous La Campagne Tropicana. The gate fee at Eleko Beach is 500 naira. The beach is clean and less rowdy from other beaches in the area. The beach boasts of tiny huts with thatched roof to shade of sunlight as leisure seekers enjoy some quite time or fun time with loved ones.

Eleko Beach

Best Time to Visit Eleko Beach

For persons seeking some quite and peace, it is best to visit during week days when there are less people at beach. It is also advisable to visit during the time of the year when there no public holidays or festivities.
For people looking to network and make new friends, the weekends are great for visiting Eleko Beach, you have the opportunity to meet other leisure seekers who may be eager to make new friends. Eleko Beach regardless of what day of the week it is, hardly gets crowded as other popular beaches in Lagos like Bar Beach, Elegushi Beach and Alpha Beach.

How to Get to Eleko Beach

Eleko Beach is easy accessible through Lekki Epe Expressway. You can take any of famous yellow Lagos taxis or public transport.
Public buses are cheaper for travellers on a budget but taxis are perfect for convenience. The ride to Eleko Beach from Lekki toll gate is less than an hour drive. All you need do is follow Lekki – Epe Expressway for 49 km and turn right on Eleko Beach Road.

How Much is the Gate Fee to Eleko Beach?

The entry fee for both children and adults is N500. The parking fee cost an additional N500 while the beach huts can be rented for at most N10,000.

Fun Things to do at Eleko Beach

1. For refreshment, you can enjoy coconut juice, grilled seafood or fresh fish for as low as N1,000. Horse rides are also available for children and adults alike.
2. At the beach you can join other leisure seekers who are sunbathing or bring your own mini musical instrument to enjoy a fun time at the beach. It is advisable to wear casual dresses or short with slippers for comfort at the beach.
3. Enjoy games and fun activities like horse rides, hand ball, dancing competition, kayak with friends or colleagues at Eleko Beach.
4. Plan a picnic with friends at Eleko Beach or get your supplies right at the beach as various vendors prepare fresh seafood and barbecue.
5. Get a bargain for some of best freshly caught fishes from the ocean and watch as it is been prepared right in front of you.
6. To get a taste of the tropical life, enjoy juicy coconut drinks right from the husk by purchasing from the various coconut hawkers at Eleko Beach.
7. Enjoy a private getaway with your loved ones or by yourself when you rent a beach hut to stay for the whole day. Treat yourself to a relaxing and refreshing time, enjoy the calming breeze from the ocean and watch the tides.

Other Lagos Beaches close to Eleko Beach are Lekki Beach, Oniru Beach, La Campagne Tropicana.

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