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If you plan on visiting Lagos State Nigeria and you also have it in mind to have a day out on the beach, then you have the answer; Lighthouse Beach is the place to be. One very good thing about this beach is what I call the ripple effect; using a stone to kill several birds as there are a number of side attractions on visiting this beautiful beach in Lagos.

The historical beach was named after Lighthouse Building. The lighthouse was built at the entrance of Lagos harbor. It emits light from a system of lamps and lenses; it is used as a navigation aid for marine pilots at sea or inland building and functions mainly as an entrance maker. Due to high maintenance cost and advancement in technology, many Lighthouses around the world are no longer in existence, fortunately the Lighthouse building in Lagos Nigeria which is over one hundred and ten thousand years old is still standing erect and shinning.

Situated at the main shore of the Atlantic Ocean around Apapa Wharf, it’s popularly called the Shipwreck because of the large numbers of ship that park on the sea and this makes it distinct from every other beach in Lagos State. As a result of its isolation from other part of the Island, the only access to the beach is by water. Visitors can take boat to the beach from Maroko or at Falomo under-bridge. Boat ride to the beach is bound to be fun on its own as tourists can have an experience of Lagos’ waterway and its views.

Further down the Lighthouse beach is the Tarkwa Bay beach which was created during the formation of the Lagos harbor. Tarkwa Bay beach is more like the congested version of the Lighthouse Beach. For visitors that would like to sit down, enjoy the beautiful scenery and have a feel of the natural breeze at the beach, there are deck chairs and tents for rent.

Not far from Lighthouse Beach is also the Tarzan Jetty, it’s an open bar that opens for 17hrs on every day of the week. It’s a place you would not want to miss on your visit to Lighthouse beach. Just take a Tarzan boat from the Lighthouse beach to Tarzan Jetty. At Tarzan Jetty, you have the best of local and international meals, you will enjoy every bit of time spent and the party does not end there.

At Lighthouse beach, you can buy beautiful beads, paintings, woodcarvings and several other handiworks from locals that hawks.

For security reasons, there is curfew that restricts all boat movement on the water between the hours of 6am and 6pm, the last boat leaves the beach 5pm daily, visitors and tourists are advised to go early so they can have so much fun before departure time.


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