Don’t Cancel Your Trip Just Yet, Let Our Discounts on Hotel Rooms Be Your Plug

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Where are you heading to this festive season?

Where ever you plan to travel to, your dreams are actually very valid.

This is because rather than have you window shop destinations, luxury hotels and superb resorts and spas, we have the plug to deliver your dream vacation to you with tremendous discounts on hotel rooms this Black Friday.

All year round, we work hard at giving the best prices on hotel rooms all over Nigeria and on the continent, coupled with a smooth hotel reservation experience and nothing but excellent customer care service, that is prompt, emphatic and responsive.

To cap off the wonderful service we have offered to you our wonderful customers through the year, we present to you the Jumia Travel Black Friday Hotel Deals.

Black Friday deals

For a whooping 31 Days there would be discounts on hotel rooms for as much as 80%. No matter the category of room, no matter the star rating of the hotel.

So if accommodation was looking like a reason for you to cancel that trip, hold that thought for a minute and let Jumia Travel Black Friday Deals plug you in to the world of amazing discounts to make your trip come through.

No matter what your occasion is, whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends, a special someone or with the family, Book hotels now at unbelievably affordable rates than usual.

Hotel rooms aren’t the only thing we are canceling on Black Friday here in Jumia Travel. Flights, international and local are also getting as much as 10% price slashes as well as over 20 Destination Travel Packages including Dubai, Obudu, Mauritius, Singapore, Johannesburg and Whispering Palms Badagry.

These mouth-watering discounts would ensure that you can still afford to go on that trip you have always wanted to go on before the year ends.

If you are also planning a honeymoon, babymoon, baecation or a solo trip, don’t let funds be the reason you are settling for a less than palatable accommodation, or canceling your trip all together, let Jumia Travel be your plug for your accommodation and hotel needs this season.

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