5 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Lagos

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The Nigerian weather is unpredictable and as such one should always be prepared at all times. Switching from bright blue skies to heavy showers the next minute, what we think will be a sunny day ends up becoming a day filled with rain. It can be a struggle on these days to keep yourself bright, cheerful and entertained. Not to worry we have come up with some top things you can do on a rainy day in Lagos. You definitely know that you can’t control or escape the weather. You just have to deal with the thunder when it decides to clap. It’s raining, it is pouring, your day feels really boring, below is a list of 5 things to do on a rainy day in Lagos:

  1. Book a hotel room

Yes, you read that right. As awkward as this may sound, it is one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained on a rainy day. There is nothing more interesting than spending a rainy day in the luxury and comforts of staying at your “home away from home”. If you stay on the island and do not want to deal with the trauma of flooding in your area, then why not check in to a hotel with your family until the flooding is over. The best thing is to book a hotel far from your neighborhood in order to enjoy the “day-cation”. Most hotels in Ikeja provide a good hideout from the usual torrential rainfall we experience in Lagos.

  1. Watch movies

Another interesting thing to do on a rainy day in Lagos is to watch movies. Either at the cinema, the hotel room, the local restaurant or at the comforts of your home,  you can waste the day away by watching movies. Rainy days present the perfect excuse for you to stop and get lost in someone else’s world for a change and enjoy a different side to life. You can create your own cinema and pop on the latest family blockbuster. Push the beds together and get comfy with the family. If you are in a hotel and want to spice things up, you can order some fun cinema snacks from your hotel’s room service, dim the lights and sit back, relax and forget about the miserable weather in the streets of Lagos. 

  1. Stay indoors and cuddle with the “boo”

Our daily lives are always so busy and full of work, activities, socializing and communal living spaces. As such, it is always awkward to find the time and space with the boo for some good “old loving”. Allow the rain to give you the excuse you need to shut the house door and reconnect with the boo. Put clean sheets on the bed, get the duvet, dim the lights and get to work “winks”. You will be sure to thank the Lagos rain later.

  1. Cook Ahead

Feeling incapacitated because of the heavy downpour, then do not worry. There is no better time to plan for the coming days/weeks than on a rainy day. You can get ready for the upcoming week or month by preparing some soup sauce, stew, beans or other foods that can be stored in the fridge or freezer until when needed. This is very important for career woman who is trying to strike a balance work and home. Try this every rainy day and your family will forever thank you.

  1. Weed out your closet

Ladies!!! This one is for you. Oh well, and some guys that have closets full of clothes. How many outdated, ill-fitting, or otherwise unused pieces of clothing do you have in your closet? Be honest with yourself while answering this question. A rainy day in Lagos provides the opportunity for you to take a ruthless look at your closet, and pull out the items you don’t wear. Then make plans to have a clothing-swap party with your friends or even give them to an orphanage. You might never know who needs those clothes.


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