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These delicacies are tasty, yummy and delicious. They can easily be bought in your neighbourhood. And for first time visitors or travellers to Nigeria, your visit may probably be incomplete if you don’t taste some of these under listed delicacies. You can buy these takeaway foods on the highway. You don’t need to worry the preparations as they are prepared in a pretty hygienic environment and wrapped in a newspaper. Interestingly, can inform you that these delicacies are inexpensive!

Moi Moi

Moi moi is a very popular delicacy in south-west Nigeria. However, this doesn’t mean that moi moi is restricted to only Yorubas’. It is consumed by everybody because the taste is irresistible! It is prepared from grinded beans, steamed and wrapped in a leaves or nylon. Just make sure you buy a hoooot one!



Hausas/Fulanis from Northern Nigeria are experts in the preparation of kilishi/suya. Hence, don’t be surprised when you see only Hausas/Fulanis dominating the business in most parts of Nigeria. Suya/Kilishi is prepared from smoked meat. These raw meats are cut into sizeable pieces and fairly roasted. Today, cucumber, tomatoes and pepper are additional ingredients that makes Suya sweetest!

Nigerian Suya

Smoked Maize with Coconut or Ube

The Roasted (or boiled) maize can easily be eaten alone. However, if you want to savour the flavour of maize it is better you combine it with either coconut or ube (African pear). The pleasant taste leaves you wanting more. You will keep going back we assure you.



Boli otherwise known as Roasted plantain is prepared using unripe plantain. It is not difficult to make Boli, but you have to ensure that it doesn’t get burnt. You can enjoy Boli with stew. Tell the Boli seller to add enough stew!



Okpa is predominantly consumed by the Igbos from south-east Nigeria. Again, it is eaten by everyone because of the taste. It is prepared using peas, palm oil, salt to taste and pepper. It is usually wrapped in banana/plantain leaves or nylon.



Akara (Beans cake)

Akara or Beans cake is arguably one of the popular street delicacies in Nigeria. You can find Akara at almost every nooks and crannies of these country. It is prepared by frying measured quantities of grinded beans in vegetable oil. It can be eaten alongside bread or pap (akamu or ogi).


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