Top Temples and Pagodas to visit in Yangon

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Yangon, a city that balances tradition, culture and modernity, is one of the most inspiring destinations of the world. You might think that Yangon is just a modern city with very few religious sites to visit but it isn’t true. Yangon houses some of the country’s oldest, the most famous and the most highly revered temples and pagodas. Let me tell you about the most famous ones in Yangon.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

The Elegant Shwedagon Pagoda is Yangon’s most famous landmark. According to legends, the pagoda is more than 2,500 years old dating back to the lifetime of the Buddha, making it the oldest pagoda in Burma. The main stupa enshrines sacred relics of Gautama Buddha as well as three previous Buddhas. Shwedagon Pagoda is Myanmar’s most important Buddhist pilgrimage site.

Botahtaung Pagoda

Botahtaung Pagoda

According to legends, the Botataung pagoda was constructed some 2,500 years ago by the Mon people. It enshrines a hair relic of the Gautama Buddha. Unlike most stupas, the main stupa of the Botataung is open to public that can view the hair relic exhibited in an ivory shrine.

Sule Padoga

Sule Pagoda

The Sule, a small Mon style pagoda in downtown Yangon is one of the oldest in Burma. It is believed to have been founded during the lifetime of the Gautama Buddha 25 centuries ago. According to legends, the pagoda was named after the Sule Nat, a spirit that lived at the spot where the pagoda now stands. The Sule enshrines strands of hair from the Buddha.

Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda

Chauk Htet Gyi Pagoda

Chauk Htet Gyi Pagoda in Yangon is known for its enormous 65 meters long reclining Buddha image. The highly revered image is housed in a large shed North of Kandawgyi Lake.

Kaba Aye Pagoda

The Kaba Aye Pagoda or “World Peace Pagoda” is a relative recent Pagoda in Yangon. The Pagoda and the adjoining Maha Pasana Guha cave were built in 1952 to host the 6th Buddhist council. The pagoda’s interior walls are adorned with colorful murals. The building enshrines images of the four Buddhas that have reached Nirvana.

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