Top places to visit in Pindaya

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About Pindaya

If you say Pindaya, everyone will see the limestone caves and thousands of pagodas. Pindaya is located in southern Shan state. It is just a small town that popular among the tourist like Kalaw, Taung Gyi and Inle lay from Shan state. Actually, Pindaya has many tourist destinations. So, I would like to tell you some top destinations you should visit in Pindaya.


Pindaya Cave

Shwe Oo Min Cave is the main tourist attraction in Pindaya. But, most people call Pindaya cave. The cave is located on the beautiful Hill which is one mile away from south-west of Pindaya city. The entire length of the cave is about 490 feet.  As long as you enter the cave, you feel cold and you will see the more than 8000 Buddha statue with various sizes and shapes.These pagodas were installed since 11 century.


Shit Thaung Lay doung ( Burmese term) Pagoda

Shit Thaung Lay dound ( Burmese term) Pagoda is a place you should not miss to visit in Pindaya. It is a different Gothic which was decorated  84000 small pagodas statue. It is also an important Pagoda in the city.

Hsin Kyaung Taw

It is a fantastic building with. In the centre of the building, there is a body of kone lone monk. The body still original without any damaged even it has been kept for more than 10 years in this building.


Boke Ta lote ( Burmese term) Lake

There is another place you must visit in Pindaya. It is very close from the Shwe Oo Min Cave. The beautiful green lake wide 81.12 area. The lake has the legend, story and history that include seven angels and the love story. None of them can prove.  But, Some people believe it actually happened in this green lake.

Best hotels in Pindaya

Pindaya Inle Inn

Golden cave hotel

Conqueror Resort

If you have the plan to travel Shan state, I recommend visiting also Pindaya. Because, Pindaya include one of the best destinations in Shan state with beautiful lake,  thousands of ancient pagodas, green mountains and numerous limestone caves. But, you need to stay one or two night to go all these places.


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