Top places to visit in HsiPaw

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In this time, I would like to tell you about HsiPaw, a lovely town of northern Shan state in Myanmar. Hsi Paw gets visitor’s attention cause of the Twilight over Burma:  My life as a Shan Princess story which about the real story of the Australian woman and  Sao Kya Seng ( a Shan ethnic prince ). In 2015, a film that based on this true story were banned for some reasons not only Myanmar but also Thailand. If you are planning to travel an interesting town, I would like to share you top list you must visit in Hsipaw.


HsiPaw Haw Nann

His Paw Haw Nann is a place where Sao Kya Seng and his family lived. The place is the main tourist attraction and included in the main part of the history. But, Haw Nann opens 9-12 and 3-5. So, don’t forget to get in time. Now,  Sao Kya Seng nephew’s wife will explain everything about the history that happened in this place.


Little Bagan

In here, many of ancient pagodas are collecting together like Bagan. So, people called this place as little Bagan. It only takes 20 minutes whether you ride a bike or walk from HsiPaw Haw Nan.

Baw Kyo Pagoda

Another place you should visit in HsiPaw is Baw Kyo Shan Pagoda which is located in Baw Kyo village. It is a pride pagoda of HsiPaw. Here, you will have a chance to see the many ancient pagodas.

Nan Hu Nwe waterfall

Nan Hu Nwe ( Burmese term) is a Famous waterfall in His Paw. It is located south of His Paw and you will pass a couple of villages to get there. Most tourist trek to the waterfall. You can also hire a mountain bike, it only cost 5$ for one day.


Dokhtawady river

Dokhawady river is the best place to relax. If you fancy the activity, you can take a boat up the river. You will have a chance more than an hour to enjoy the scenery of green mountains,  paddy fields and valley along the river.


Sunset in Thein Daung Hill

Hsi- Paw has many good places for sunset. But, Thein  Daung hill is one of the best. You can climb the hill or you can ride the touk touk ( Burmese term).

Best Hotels in HsiPaw

Mr.Charles Hotel

Mr.Charles river lodge

Tai House Resort

The Northern Land Hotel

Riverside @ HsiPaw Hotel

Hsipaw is a completely remain as a genuine town in Shan state with a lot of historical places, ancient pagodas and beautiful scenery. When you visit Hsipaw town, make sure to carry the Twilight over Burma: my life as a Shan Princess book. It will help you to know more about the royal city and will make your trip special.

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