Top Famous lakes in Myanmar

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Myanmar has dozens of beautiful lakes to visit for travellers. In this week, I would like to tell you about the top famous lakes in Myanmar like where they exist?

Rhi Lake

Rhi Lake is located at Re DawKhar city near Myanmar-India border, 64 miles away from Pha Lan city of Chin state. This is a heart shape style lake that is surrounded by mountains with the height of  2966 feet of sea level above. The lake is about one mile in length and half a mile in width. It is a magical lake with the beliefs of local people that related to traditional. Now, you can feel the scenic view of Rhi lake from the Viewpoint.


Taung Tha Man Inn

The Taung Tha Man Inn is located in Amarapura Township of Mandalay Division. It is a tourist attraction with the world famous U Bein bridge. Watching the sunset and taking boat trips are an activity that traveller usually does.


Inn Daw Gyi Lake

Inn Daw Gyi Lake is located at Moe Nyin city in Kachin state. It is the largest lake in Myanmar. It was recognised as Ramsar site and biosphere reserves of UNESCO.


Inya Lake

Inya Lake was created by the Britishers to supply water Yangon and named as Victoria. But, local continuously called Koke Kai or Inya Lake. The famous people live near this lake including state counsellor Daw Aung Sun Su Kyi. Many students died in this lake because of the 88 movements. Now, the park has become an oasis for relaxing to avoid the hot weather of Yangon.

Inle Lake

The list starts with the Inle Lake when we talk about the famous lakes on Myanmar. The Inle Lake is a popular tourist attraction which located at Nyaung Shwe Township of Shan state.  The width of the surface is 44.9 square miles. The lake contains fish and snails species that are found nowhere else in the world. It was recognised as Man and biosphere reserves of UNESCO. Taking a Boat trip and riding balloon over Inle Lake is a popular activity among the tourist.

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