Top places you must visit in Kalaw

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About Kalaw

Kalaw also was known as Pine Land is located in Shan state. It was a popular town during the colonial rule in Burma. The weather is always cold throughout the year, the atmosphere is fresh and surrounded by hills, it is the only city where you can get the best trekking experiences in Myanmar. It might be difficult when you visit the Kalaw for the first time, so, here is a list I would like to share with you that you must visit in Kalaw.


(1)Visiting Kalaw  urban

Believe me, the city has so many places to visit in the urban area. These are Kalaw market, Kalaw train station and Hne Paya (Bamboo Pagoda). You can visit these places by hiring an E-bike.

(2)Myin Ma Hti Cave

The second place you need to visit is Myin Ma Hti Cave which is located 10 miles away from Kalaw. You will drive nearly an hour by the motorcycle. It cost around 2 $ per person. This view is absolutely amazing.


(3) Viewpoint

My favourite place in Kalaw. You can trek viewpoint with your friends for one day. On the way to the viewpoint, you will pass the beautiful Yay Aye lake and Yay Aye forest. It takes only 3 hours to get the viewpoint. Take a break at the view point restaurant, feel the nature and enjoy the best beer and tortilla.

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(4) Virgin area

Ywar Ngan (Burmese term) is also called Virgin region and is situated 50 miles away from Kalaw on the way to Ywar Ngan. The landscape is like a painting with the group of mountains, colourful paddy field and flowers. You can see this kind of view only in Kalaw. Furthermore, Ywar Ngan has many places to visit such as Main Ma Ye Tha Khin Ma Taung (Burmese term), Mya Tha Bate (Burmese term) blue lagoon and Kyone Htaw( Burmese term) waterfall.

Best Hotels in Kalaw

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Then, you basically know the places to visit in Kalaw city.  I hope these list will make easier your vacation.

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