Meet Raluca A Travel Blogger From Romania With Wisdom

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Jovago Myanmar got the opportunity to have an interview session with Raluca, a travel blogger who also participated in Jovago’s round up post on ‘Traveling on Budget‘.

Check out her interesting travel stories here.

Let us start with a formal introduction. Who is Raluca?

Raluca is a 27-year-old girl from Romania, who has so far lived in two cities in her home country, but also in the US and Dubai for short periods of time. Although she has studied a lot for a career in engineering and GIS, her greatest desire is to see the world. She believes in the things she does with pleasure, and she is very motivated by her passions. She always tries to live her life by steadfastly following the motto “It’s better to regret what you’ve done than what you did not.”

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How and when you developed interest for traveling?

I started realizing how big and beautiful the world is since I was a child, and how sad it would be not to explore it far and wide. My parents tell me that since I was five, I have been obsessively repeating that I want to visit the United States, and especially New York City. I’m very ambitious and persevering, so I didn’t give up until I had fulfilled my dream. Three years ago, I started taking my passion for traveling more seriously, and last year I started my travel blog, Whisper Wanderlust, where I share all my experience about traveling to far away destinations.

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How you plan and manage your finances for traveling?

I love to make my itineraries in detail and plan everything in advance, so I don’t have too many surprises in terms of spending when I decide to hit the road. Therefore, I set a budget with a certain margin of error, which helps me keep the finances under control. At the same time, my accumulated experiences have taught me some essential tricks to save money while traveling.

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What is that triggers you to travel to an entirely new destination?

I take every new destination as a challenge, a new experience that I can’t compare to anything else. I like to return to the special places that I’ve already seen, but I’m even more attracted to visiting unknown destinations. I’m always excited to see new beautiful landscapes, architectural masterpieces, meet new people and discover their culture, and last but not least, taste traditional dishes of the place. Also, trying new sports and various local activities are always in my plan.

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While visiting a new destination what two things your love to explore the most?

It mainly depends on the place I visit. If we are talking about a city, I like walking around the streets and feeling the vibe of the city, looking at people, searching for the prettiest cafes and the most photogenic buildings, and necessarily visiting the parks. If we talk about nature, I’m a fan of waterfalls, so I’ll start looking for them if I know I can find them in a certain place. For example, this was one of the main activities when I visited Bali. Moreover, I like to walk on unbeaten paths and discover places where not many people have been. I always prefer the more secluded locations to the detriment of the touristic ones.

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How do you plan your destinations?

It’s a pretty long process, almost as long as the trip itself. In general, I plan every detail of my trip: how I get there, what I put in my luggage, how I travel from one place to another, where I will stay, what places I will visit, the schedule of each tourist destination, information about the clothing restrictions, the climate…I’m writing all of these in my agenda and check them whenever I need.

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Do you have any funny travel stories?

There are many funny stories, but I will always remember one in particular. I went with my boyfriend on a road trip with the scooter, in Coron, Philippines. For many tens of kilometers, the road was pretty good, until we had to climb some very tall hills, with many pits and gravel. The weather was extremely hot, and it was very difficult to go further. Therefore, at one point, we lost our balance and we fell down. The hot iron of the scooter touched me, so I remained with a sign on my right leg’s ankle, probably for the rest of my life. Though the situation was a bit sad in that moment, now I remember it as a fun event.

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Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling?

Surely I had less pleasant experiences, but not so bad that it would be worth remembering. I’m just trying to keep only positive things in my memory because I need good energy.

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How do you manage when interacting with people without speaking their language?

Even though I don’t know the language, I try to learn some basic phrases and words before reaching that place. If it gets more complicated, I use body language or Google Translate, of course, if I have access to the internet. I speak Romanian, English, and Spanish, and my boyfriend speaks Arabic, so mostly, we got ourselves covered.

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Which destination you felt is not actually like you had imagined before?

I think I was a bit shocked by Dubai, not necessarily in a negative meaning, but I had an already formed image that didn’t correspond 100% to reality. I had a preconception about clothing, and I never thought the city was so permissive from this point of view. Another thing that surprised me there is the striking difference in living standards according to areas. I thought I would find luxury everywhere, but it’s not like that. Old Dubai is much like the cities of Southeast Asia. However, Dubai is a city that has entered my heart, after exploring it for a month, and I can’t wait to go back.

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Any 3 money saving tips you would like to share while traveling?

  1. Look for flights combinations. Instead of taking a round trip, it might be cheaper to buy tickets separately.
  2. Search for restaurants where the locals eat, not tourists. Usually, they are cheaper, and the food is better.
  3. Buy souvenirs from the outskirts of the city. You will find exactly the same products, as those in the highly touristic places, at much lower prices.

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What do you like the most about traveling?

The positive energy that I receive, but also the things I learn, things I could not possibly find otherwise. Even if I hear or read about them, it’s not the same as when I’m living it.

What do you dislike about traveling?

I don’t like when my plans are suffering changes, without depending on me. For example, when I visited Nacpan Beach, in El Nido, Philippines, I was planning to take a picture of the place from a certain point, that in the meantime had restricted access. Of course, the situation saddened me at the moment because it was a place I really wanted to check it out. But I had to be satisfied with the panorama from a different angle.

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What do you take back from your expeditions?

I like to take many photos and to film a lot, so I can have many memories easy accessible. Besides, I try to take with me at least one traditional object, so when I see it, to remember the beautiful place I visited.

Your trips low on the pocket or you like to make it extravagant?

Generally, I try to avoid extremes and choose moderation. I never stayed in a hostel until now, although I would like to try this experience someday. I also don’t get spoiled every time in 5-star hotels. I want to spend the money for visiting more countries, for the activities that I could do there, or to test the local cuisine, rather than spending them on accommodation.

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Which 3 destinations you will love to explore if you visit Myanmar?

Myanmar is at the top of my bucketlist, and certainly, there are more than 3 places I want to visit. Still, if I were to choose 3, I would like to walk on the fine sand in Ngapali Beach, take the hot air balloon over the temples in Bagan, and watch a beautiful sunset on Lake Inle.

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Any message for our readers?

Go see the world! Even if you start with small steps, even if you start by visiting places very close to your home, it is important to see as much as possible. It’s the best way to broaden your horizons, to learn and to fully understand.

With this the interview session with Raluca came to an end.

If you want to know more about Raluca or read her travel experiences, you can visit her website

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