Places to visit in Mandalay

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Mandalay is the second largest economic city of Myanmar. It is located over 400 miles away from Yangon. And, It is the last royal city of Myanmar. It has rich history culture and so many ancient Pagodas. So, you will definitely have many places to visit in City.


Visiting Pagodas

You would not find the nightlife and shopping in Mandalay. Because Mandalay is the culture city with a lot of famous pagodas and historical places. You must visit these famous Pagodas such as Mahar Myat Muni Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Mingun Temple, at Tumashi Pagoda and SutaungPyae Pagoda from Mandalay hill.


Golden Palace Monastery

The King Thibaw Min build this building just before his father’s death  ( king Mindon Min). It was finished around at 1878. The monastery is known for its teak carvings of Buddhist myths. This monastery was built by Traditional Burmese Architectural style And It was the single remaining original structure of  Yadana bone age.  If you want to know more about the original Burmese Architectural style, don’t forget to visit the Golden Palace.


Sun set at U Bein Bridge

Another tourist attraction, U Bein Bridge is located in Amarapura Township. It is crossing the Taungthaman Lake and connected to Yadanarbon University from Old Amarapura. This 1.2-kilometre bridge was built around 1850. It is believed to be the oldest and longest teak wood in the world. It features 1086 pillars that stretch out of the water. The age of the bridge has over 160 years. Watching Sunset at the U Bein Bridge is now getting popular among the tourist.

The world’s largest book

The stone tablets also known as the world’s largest book is inside of Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay. It has over 700 leaves and 1460 pages. Each one is 107 Centimetre wide and 153 centimetres tall. It has become UNESCO listed on the Memory of the World Register.


Food in Mandalay

Food is the thing which mandala people loves. Food also can be one of the tourist attraction. It is sure that you will enjoy the traditional food and street food from  Mandalay.

Where to stay?

There are many hotels, motels and guest house in Mandalay. You can easily find the cheapest hotel in Mandalay by visiting website depend on your budget. So, you don’t have to worry about the money.

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