How Paid Advertising Can Help in Promoting Your Hotel

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Hotel marketing can be tricky if you don’t convey the right messages to your audience, that too at the right time, the marketing tactics need to fulfill the seasonal nature and aspect of featuring the ‘right hotels’.

For instance, there are particular regions of a country that work well with winters and these hotels have a higher demand whereas others don’t. Considering Ngapali Beach hotels that are best to be visited during the monsoon season in Myanmar, the demand for such hotels is very high, yet tourists end up searching for the one perfect hotel that will best accommodate their needs. But the question is, how do you get them properly advertised?


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Paid Advertising may be your answer! Advertise the right ads to the right people! The sort of advertising you normally see on web pages, display ads, brands monetizing through YouTube videos by appearing as ads. So simple to look at! However, the process behind it may be a little complex. Paid advertising is done through marketers offering a price to display their advertisement that is granted by the owner of the particular ad space.

If we go further into the paid-advertising way of promoting hotels, then you would find PPC (Pay per Click) which requires payment for each time an Ad is clicked. Other than this there’s PPI (Pay per impression) which refers to paying an amount for each of 1000 impressions of a particular ad.

Paid advertising may not always be economical, but if you put in more effort in identifying the suitable practices and current trends it can definitely be utilized in a more convenient manner.

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Pay close attention to what words work for the current time, what are people searching for? What interests them the most? Why do they want to book a hotel in a particular area or at a particular price? These are just some of the questions that can be answered through the proper utilization of optimizing the keywords that are being most searched, through this you can identify whether economical rates are preferred over better locations, or better locations are preferred over best accommodations that are being offered.

Considering internal Google data, google analytics that can be utilized and the features should be made the best use of. Hospitality and travel sector is definitely more complex than other industries, the conversion rates; that is the ratio between website visits and making a booking on the website is minimal if compared to the conversion rates of consumer services or sectors such as real estate or health care.

Just as the services of various hotels are customized, you need to create search results that are also personalized. Effective customer relationship management, branding, online promotions are just some of the countless things marketers and digital media advertisers focus on. Out of the many options, you need to pick what works for you and your hotel.

Amongst the more popular sites to be visited during peak seasons such as the Ngwe Saung beach hotels where people visit throughout the year and especially during peak seasons can definitely take advantage of the current online marketing tactics such as paid advertising and SEO tool utilization.

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So, in short, being a prevalent name in the Myanmar hotel industry is not the only condition to get more bookings, the strategies and methods to engage in better online advertising have become essential in order to get these hotel businesses up!

It is an established fact that people search for hotels online even if they don’t end up booking online. To compare prices and accommodations, people do that. But what more should be done in order to pursue them to make the booking?

Google in that regard is the best for the time being as it provides various tools to make your online business more prominent amongst your target market. Even the google maps, street view offer a feature where a potential customer can access the information, for instance about the location however much they want to. Other helpful websites could be Hubspot that offer features relating to an online advertisement.

In today’s time, where digital media is very swiftly becoming the most popular medium of advertising, it is important that this form of advertisement be adopted. It is definitely beneficial to the promising hotels of tomorrow that have the ability to outperform and provide quality services for their customers and want to promote themselves. It may be expensive but it is just as much efficient!

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