City guide to beautiful Hpa An

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About Hpa-An

Hpa-An is the Capital city of Kayin State of Myanmar. It is located 270 Kilometre away from east of Yangon. The population of Hpa-An is over 0.4 million. Most of the people who live in Kayin State are Karen ethnic group. In Hpa-An, temperatures are usually warm through the year.


How to get there?

You can visit Hpa-An with the help of travel and tour agency or you can take a bus from Aung Min galar Highway from Yangon. The bus price cost over 10 USD. When you get to Hpa An, you can hire a motorbike or tauk tauk (Burmese’s term) to visit all around the City.


Top Famous place in Hpa-An

Recently, Hpa-An region was developed and it has become a popular tourist attractions in Myanmar. Zwegabin Hill, Kyaukkalatt, Kawtgon (Burmese terms) cave, Saddan (Burmese terms) cave are main tourist destinations in Hpa-An. The natural Saddan Cave is the longest and largest cave of the Kayin State. Also, there is a beautiful waterfall called Kyone-Htaw (Burmese terms). It only takes around two hours from Hpa-An to this amazing waterfall. For those who love adventures, you can be trekking to Taung Wine Taung Mountains and touch the cloud.



Karen new year festival is a famous traditional festival for Karen People. Every year, the festival takes place in December. They celebrated the Karen New Year by wearing the traditional dress, traditional dance, enjoying the traditional food with lots of activity.

Best hotels in Hpa-An

Thiri Hpa-An hotel

Soe brothers Guest House

hotel Than Lwin Paradise

Win guest house

Soe brothers Guest House(II)

There are many hotels, motels and guest house in Hpa-An. If you want to visit this city on holidays, you can find the cheap hotels in Hpa-An on website.


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