4 Instagram Accounts Depicting Yangon City’s Splendor!

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The Yangon way of living suggests that you witness it on foot. Experience the amazing sites, spiritual Pagoda’s and food streets. If you want to relive the memories or keep in track of what’s in these days in Yangon, be sure to check out these Instagram accounts depicting the city’s features in all its glory!

  1. myanmart

Yangon hotelsSo here, myanmart has been promoting various illustrations. Each picture tells a different story. The stills involve the ordinary life of Yangon along with other regions of Myanmar, that depicts its uniqueness and magnificence.

Yangon Hotels

The depictions seem as if they have been captured on the right time, the right moment. From picturesque sceneries to people going about their lives along with greenery, art events and even architectures have been promoted on the page.

  1. yangonoftheday

Yangon hotelsAnother account featuring the ordinary life and helping viewers glancing all things different and relevant about the city! Its focusing specifically on the various sites that one would want to visit. With the exception of some tourist hotspots. The ordinary yet extraordinary life! It’s all in the way of capturing an ordinary moment and highlighting the perfections to make it extraordinary.

Every day you will find one new picture showcasing Yangon and what it has been blessed with by mother nature. Yangon’s architecture; some new and some old, make the countless many buildings and temples, known.

Yangon Hotels

The good thing about this one is that it is not limited to a single theme and it has been consistent with its postings. Food has been a major part of Yangon’s culture, the hotels in Yangon and in general if we consider various hotels in Myanmar make the cuisines and the various dishes that have been infused with different culture’s recipes, have been promoted. The main reason of that being that there is less acknowledgement on the foreigner’s and potential tourist’s end when it comes to knowing about the variety they have in terms of restaurants.

  1. yangoncitylife

Yangon hotels

This one features a diverse range of instances of how life at Yangon is being carried out. If we consider downtown Yangon, there are plenty of restaurants that promote different cultures. The street life of Yangon is popular for having little markets, people engaging in their daily commerce where they are selling farm fresh vegetables and fruits.

How these stalls have been set up and decorated are a fancy itself for the city. With the inclusion of various temples and people visiting in a large number; locals and foreigners both.

Yangon Hotels

Thingyan festival and Union Day’s along with many other commemorations that Myanmar celebrates, lakes, mesmerizing sunsets and old still structures depict Yangon’s vintage vibe with a modern touch have been featured in the account, through one individual’s perspective.

Yangon Airport Hotel is very popular amongst the others and has been identified to be amongst the top hotels that have been featured by Burmese on their Instagram accounts.

There are other Yangon hotels worth getting honorary mentions, specially the 5-star hotels with international standards being highlighted in their amenities such as roof top restaurants overlooking the city’s splendid landscapes.

  1. homesweethomeyangon

Yangon hotels

This one may just be a little bakery that has been featuring the current popular deserts in the city of Yangon hence the innovative name as well. Cookies, brownies, waffles, chocolates and several other sweets being imbued by international standards and being depicted in the account.

Yangon Hotels

So, for tourists with a sweet tooth, you know where to go when you’re in Yangon!


If you’re one for adventure, new experiences and most importantly unique experiences than Yangon’s for you. The food, handcrafted souvenirs that you could take home and give to your loved ones or be it the many unique places where you could take the best selfies and end up getting the same quality blog or Instagram accounts as the ones mentioned earlier, head over to the place that offers more than what meets the eyes! A decision worth taking!

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