Gorgeous beaches in Pathein city

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Pathein city is located in Ayeyarwady division and over 100 miles away west of Yangon. The city is surrounded by coastline, Arkan mountain and west branch of Ayeyarwady river. The city is popular for the visitors because of its beautiful beaches like Chaung Thar and Ngwe Saung.


Places to visit in Pathein

Shwe Monk  Htaw Pagoda is the landmark and main attraction of Pathein city. So, do not forget to visit there, when you are in Pathein. Pathein Cultural museum is an another place that you should visit in Pathein. It was established in 1990s and displays the Pathein parasols (Pathein Hti), Buddha images, Paintings, Art materials, Weapons and Bronze weigh that were used in 19 century.


Pathein Hti (Parasol)

The traditional Parasol (Pathein Hti) is the trademark of Pathein city. It is  local widely made colourful handmade Pathein Hti. It passed more than 40 steps and takes over one month to get one bamboo umbrella.


photo credit- Ngwe Saung Yatch Club

Beautiful beaches

Pathein has two beautiful beaches named Chaung Thar and Ngwe Saung. Local people prefer the Chaung Thar beach. So, the beach is always crowded with the local visitors and is always a little bit noisy. Ngwe Saung Beach is  9 miles long and has many foreign visitors. You can also do the activities such as snorkelling, fishing and diving in the bird Island and white sand Island.

Delicious Food

You will see the many seafood restaurants in the villages. I am sure that you will definitely enjoy the fresh seafood there which are cooked by the local recipe. Food is also cheap and delicious there. For  souvenir, you can buy some local famous snacks in Pathein city.

Best hotels in Pathein city

Myanmar Koe Hotel

Htike Myat San Hotel

Delta Hotel

Nay Chi Lin Hotel

Shwe Pachi Hotel

Best hotels in Chaung Thar

Hotel Ayeyarwady

Royal Ruby Guest House

Hill Garden Hotel

Shwe Ya Min Guest House

Best hotels in Ngwe Saung

Sunny Paradise Hotel

Aureum Palace Hotel and Resort

Ambo Hotel Ngwe Saung

Yuzana Resort

Hotel Lux

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