Where And When To Go: Yangon’s Current Popular Hotels!

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Yangon is filled with shrines and spirituality!

It is led by a busy life. Where from the daily hustle and bustle to the relaxing recreational spots, you will find life in all its normality.

You need to be aware of the many options when it comes to hotel booking. It’s easy to compare prices and services. Specially through websites that feature and acknowledge these hotels.

Travel advisers can give you advice and their own perceptions of various tourist spots. What better way to plan these things out than to have it done on your own? When you CAN do it all by yourself!Sedona Hotel Yangon

When in Yangon, the ample number of temples situated in the city are hard to miss. If you’re on the way along the Kab Aye Pagoda road, Sedona Hotel Yangon tops one of the best architectures.

Apart from the countless amount of temples that provides luxury to its guests. Has in-store various number of facilities that can be availed.

Sedona Hotel in Mandalay looks identical to the one in Yangon, to give guests the same vibe and quality of services.Sedona Hotel in Mandalay

So even if it’s during monsoon season around June till September. The light rain makes the leisure sites even more amazing! Or the hottest time of the year where most of Myanmar’s cultural festivals take place.

It is hard to find any problems during your stay there. The hotels in Yangon keep in consideration all things necessary! Providing the best experiences to their guests.

Novotel Yangon Max; the fine indulgence and luxuries that complement the place are diverse and abundant in number.

Novotel Yangon Max

From the usual amenities such as room service to extravagant features involving spa and sauna and gyms. You can find customized services such as babysitting, health care and business centers.

If you’re all about first impressions let us give you a head start! The pedestrian life occupies most of Yangon, home to diversity! Where you would find from the most extravagant to the most economic choices of hotels. Chatrium Hotel Yangon is amongst those hotels that cover the luxury aspects.

Chatrium Hotel Yangon

Tourists wanting to opt for cheap options for their lodgings during their vacation in Myanmar can opt for Agga Youth Hotel.

Having pocket friendly rates, the accommodations also fulfill the guest’s requirements. There is security, good food and complimentary breakfasts, air-conditioned rooms and clean bathrooms along with Wi-Fi and TV access. All the necessary things to consider. Okinawa Guest House has similar features with rates as low as 1000/-. You can also avail discounts during peak seasons, got to look out for them!

Okinawa Guest House

Jovago features more than 200 hotels in Yangon that consist a range from 5-star to 1-star hotels. All consisting of different price ranges depending on the accommodations.

Ngapali resorts

Yangon should definitely be on your bucket list, if you’re one for diverse experiences! Discovering different parts of the world, you know where to head towards. With an ample number of travel options, plan tours from Yangon to Mandalay or Yangon to Ngapali. The Ngapali resorts also offer similar features as mentioned before.

Inle Lake hotels

If you want to explore the rest of Myanmar, we would also suggest Inle Lake hotels, for fun filled trips.

Happy Vacationing!


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