Different kinds of hot pot in Yangon

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History of Hot Pot

Hot pot is also known as steamboat in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, and Vietnam. The Chinese hot pot has a history of more than 1000 years. Some people believe the original of hot pot came from Mongolia and Jim Dynasty and later, it was spread out to another country. The main ingredient of hot pot is fresh meat and vegetables. Later, hot pot was developed such as seafood depend on the region. Hot pot meals are usually eaten in winter but it is different now. You can eat hot pot anytime you want.

Different kind of hot pot can be found in China such as Chongqing hot pot also called ma la which made by Sichuan Pepper. Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu are popular hot pot meals among the Japanese People. In Thai hot pot Mu Kra Tha which originated came from Japan sukiyaki and combined it with Korea Barbeque.

Even hot pot is not the traditional food, it is getting popular among the Burmese people. You will be noticed that a lot of hot pot restaurants come outs in Yangon and Mandalay City. For those hot pot lovers, I am going to tell you about the different kinds of hot pot restaurants in Yangon.


Shabu Shi Myanmar

This Japanese restaurant can get a hot pot and Su Shi at the same place. The taste of the meal is Shabu-Shabu. It is buffet system. So, you can enjoy another meal including hot pot. The address is in Ocean Centre at Shwe Gong Daing Township.

KKS Hot pot & BBQ

KKS is Thai style hot pot. So, you can eat hot pot and barbecue at the same time. Here, you can get the perfect sauce for barbecue. The address of KKS Thai hot pot Shwe Taung Kyar Road behind the Shwe Gong Daing Marketplace.

Mu Ka Hta Thai BBQ and Hot pot

Mu Ka Hta is Thai style hot pot that combined sukiyaki and Korean Barbeque. It is buffet system.  So, You can enjoy both hot pot and Barbeque. The restaurant address is Kandaw gyi Park.


Gangnam Buffet

Another hot pot restaurant with different cuisine is Gangnam Buffet. It is Koran style hot pot with buffet system. You can eat another Korean traditional meal and dessert.

Ohsama Japanese hot pot and BBQ

This is a good place for who wants to taste the real Japanese hot pot. Hot pot made by Japan sewed. You can enjoy the sweet and spicy taste. And also you can get the real Japanese beef    (Wagyu) import from Japan. The address of Ohsama Japanese hot pot and BBQ is Pho Sein Road, Tamwe Township.

If you are planning to taste the delicious varieties of Hot Pot in Yangon, you can book your hotel in Yangon and make the trip much comfortable.


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