Customer Relationship Management: Proficient Business Systems & Effective Solutions

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For the hospitality industry, the objective of getting people to book hotels is as complex as it can ever be. You need to consider a lot of attributes and gain a perspective considering a lot of aspects!

Customer relationship management needs to be strategized by the top management in such a way that it fulfills company objectives, has employees opt for similar targets in terms of managing customers and selling their services in return.

Communication is key in this facet of CRM. Nowadays giving customers a ‘total experience’ out of your service is a must, for they don’t look for attractive hotels, they focus towards how they could be catered and that too at reasonable rates, this is the case with most customers. Then there are customers who are opting for hotels with the most perfect accommodations based on their preferences, whatever the case may be, whoever your customers are, you need to build a strong relationship amongst the employees of the company and the customers and more importantly your potential customers!

CRM helps in planning and executing approaches that are relevant to company practices, monitoring consumer actions, analyzing their purchasing powers, building profitable relationships and enhancing the communication between them.

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Acknowledging business systems such as GDS (Global Distribution System) or iHotelligence hotel management software which focuses on providing relevant information to travel industries and agents and online hotel booking website to identify the current rates of hotels, comparison amongst hotels and so many other features, that allow you to access the business travel market in depth.

These systems provide better, more cost and time effective methods such as automation of tasks that eliminate the monotony and repetition of everyday work along with managing your hotel’s inventory and rates.

The utilization of these hotel management systems and technologies in your tasks can help in providing better efficiency of tasks. If you incorporate PMS (Performance Management Systems) or even the currently popular social media technologies with the previously mentioned hotel management systems, it will be even more advantageous.

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Speaking of effective communication platforms; that are important to build a profitable relationship, be it targeted or more importantly potential customers, utilize social media websites such as Facebook or twitter and more professional and refined platforms such as LinkedIn to promote your hotels, help familiarize people with the opportunities you are offering them.

To consider the digital revolutionization is as important as implementing these systems and software, you have to be up-to-date regarding the current trends in the industry to optimize your business systems accordingly.

For example, if you pick Hotels in Yangon, Hotels in Bagan or other Hotel in Myanmar, you need to help the customers in acknowledging the services offered be it efficient customer service, the highly hospitable concierge or very accommodating packages, there should be a way in promoting and sending the messages across.

The importance of gaining feedback of customers post-stay, helps in acquiring information and relevant suggestions that the hotel can work on and improve.

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Hotels in Mandalay and Hotels in Kalaw consisting of various range of assortments can benefit from these strategies. Tactics such as paid advertising help you identify a lot of information that could potentially help you in various hotel management tasks. You can easily know what electronic devices are being utilized to search for your hotel, has the website been more accessed than the app? What time or week or month has been more popular?

Get immediate results, identify what needs to be promoted more and how to make good and attractive ads that end up being on top of the search results.


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