Your Perfect Guide to 15 Places in Yangon that MUST be Visited!

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Yangon, previously known as Rangoon; currently being one of the popular places in Myanmar to visit has been slowly gaining recognition locally and abroad attracting tourists from around the world.

The best sites to visit are filled with culture, spirituality and the common norms that can be observed just as you’re walking with the pedestrians of Yangon, or are roaming across town through the train or cars, that’s totally up to you to decide, we recommend the former.

The possibilities of experiencing various things in this town may be undermined, but the place has so much to offer, just the top 15 out of the many things to do in Yangon can be highlighted as follows. Enjoy the virtual journey in print:

  1. The local neighborhood markets welcome you with open arms -and baskets!

If one wants to witness true beauty of the locality, this is the place to be. Fresh fruits, vegetables straight from the farms being offered in little or small baskets, that too in cheap rates!

Feel like indulging in clean eating all of a sudden, go straight down the local markets that offer you the best.

Small businesses are a major part of this area. You can witness the hard work and labor, the courage and the dedication of the vendors.

Colorful streets, busy routines let you witness the locality deeply.

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  1. Witness the Shiny Shwedagon Pagoda!

This is the Eiffel of France, it may not be as tall but it shines brighter because of its gold and copper plated walls around the temple. The view is stunningly breath taking, a pure treat for the eyes! This temple is around 99 meters long, viewable from most places in the city.

The heart of Yangon, shines so bright when the sun reflects it! This Pagoda (temple) lets you experience religious rituals and spirituality in all its glory.

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  1. Mingalar Taung Nyunt Market; not as complicated as the name is!

A blend of different cultures infused in this place, you’ll find diversity in all its forms, being the most populated of Yangon; Mingalar Taung Nyunt Market has some of the best restaurant in town!

Major Sea food fan? Head straight towards this place, you won’t be disappointed. Indian Chinese, Thai and continental restaurants can be easily spotted here.

Even the locals come to this place frequently to get rid of the daily hustle and bustle, why shouldn’t you? Hotels, Spas, Malls and all sorts of markets can be easily found here.

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  1. Do the gift buying from Scott market!

Another market, a little subtler, a little less busy, with all of the city’s beauty coming together at one place, you can see the main attractions of the town here!

Want souvenirs for the fam? This is the place to be!

The indoor environment of the Scott Market is considered to be somewhat gloomier than the outdoor sunny life, having its own charm in its Victorian-esque building architecture, great for photos!

  1. Spark your spirituality with Sule pagoda!

Surrounded by religious sites, the visit-worthy temples, this is not just another Pagoda in Yangon, it might be the half the size of Shwedagon Pagoda but it is considered to be one of the most religious temples in the city.

If you’re looking for enhancing your spiritual side, witness the amazingness that is Sule Pagoda. History also surrounds itself here through nearby landmarks and buildings. Good scenery is a bonus, witness one of the most beautiful sunrise here.

  1. Downtown, ChinaTown

Meat chops, Grilled chicken, fried hotshots and shawarmas, you name it, they have it! Plus, a lot more of course.

The 19th street is a fan favorite, the diverse cuisines and blend of different cultures has it stand out and become the best amongst other eateries.

Be sure to try Mohinga; the national dish of Myanmar.

The best BBQ in Yangon, here we come!

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  1. Meet on a rainy day in Kandawgi

Ideal for the monsoon season, walk around and witness the beautiful lakes, relax and let go!

Serenity can be highlighted through its park and lake, situated at the most ideal place in the city, where you can even witness the tall temples. Their gardens have cafes where you can admire tranquility and be at peace.

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  1. Admire the Chaukhtatgyi Paya, A blend of spirituality and recreation!

A leaning 65-meter-long statue of a buddha that is one of the most fascinating places in Yangon to visit. People would be seen admiring the sceneries, locals would be seen having picnics, it’s a free place for all to admire the beauty, engage in prayers near the shrine that’s also located inside the building where the reclining buddha is resting.

This has to be one of the most economic features in Yangon as it is free of cost and the sight is one surely not to be missed, a definite bucket-list worthy.

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  1. Experience the evolution of Myanmar at The National Museum

This is specially for all the nerds out there, with the exception of those who want to learn and are hungry for knowledge regarding ancient history.

The environment for the museum is overall very gloomy, setting its own atmosphere.

If ancient artifacts, relics, remains are your thing, this is the place to visit. You’d be able to see Puppets, national treasures, lots and LOTS of gold.

Acknowledge how Myanmar has progressed over the years, through the invasions, catastrophes and progression all under one roof.

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  1. Roam around the city through the Circular railway

A very convenient and economic way to travel around Yangon is through the circular railroad. The trains lead to a 3-hour circular ride around town where you could get a 360-degree experience.

For trip starters, it may be a good option, but it could even prove better as a farewell ride in the end, where you get to experience the little things one last time!

The railway is being utilized for everyday commute.

Along with the places, you’ll get to meet the people of Yangon, with their highlights throughout the day.

The train moves at a slow pace, you won’t be getting dizzy here, take your sweet time to admire the beauty. Seating is pretty basic as per the low charges ($1 USD) being incurred for the whole trip.

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  1. Adore the smiles of the Kalawaya Monastery kids

This is a school that trains people to become proficient Monks in the future, you’ll find children and newbies here, the look in their eyes and smiling faces leaves you in awe.

If one is out there for inspiration and finding the purpose to acknowledge new things, religion and witness culture first hand, this is the place for you!

The pupils in red gowns along with the colorful ambiance gives you all the mystical and divine exposure to a unique learning environment.

12. Soar high at the Thiripyitsaya Sky Bistro!

Feel the wind in your hair, indulge in the breath taking panoramic view and dine in at Yagon’s finest with a wide range of cuisines, be sure to try their popular dessert range.

Appropriate for both business trips, honeymooners or just a bunch of friends out and about! It even has a bar showcasing the nightlife in Yangon.

The view in the night is the best, the city looks like a town lit up with fairy lights, in short- straight out of the movies!

  1. Wish to get stranded at the Strand Hotel?

No pun intended. If fine dining, sophistication and extravagance is your thing, opt for this place right away. Yangon hotels usually offer economical options when it comes to accommodations, not this one!

The hotel is infused with the past and current through the colonial styled and modern deco and furnishings, you can even take a ride in their cruise, ride in a hot air balloon or lavish dining, you name it and it’s there.

  1. Marveling the Maha Wizaya Pagoda: Uniqueness unleashed!

 Each Temple has its own thing going on, The Maha Wizaya Temple features a quiet atmosphere giving a modern outlook on today’s time.

It features animals, people and some random things in general on top of the roof walls through painting and other artwork, you could lie down and witness the majestic view it gives and relish the subtlety of it all.

The architecture is different and so is the experience!

Maha Wizaya Pagoda

  1. Cruise along the Yangon river!

Yangon river allows you to socialize with the locals, you can ride through the other nearby towns through a ferry boat as well. There are a lot of Hotels in Yangon that are offering the opportunity to cruise through the river, with exciting packages and services offered at a decent price.

It’s an adventure in its own way! For the locals the trip would be still cheaper as compared to the tourists that have to pay a bit more than the usual amount. The daily commerce can be observed with vendors busy at work.

The experience is soothing, even better during a sunset.


It has been recommended by many bloggers that the experience on foot is different than the planned ones. You can plan to visit the aforementioned sites and indulge in pure splendor through the many uniquely structured temples, each with their own importance and unique nature. The locals live a life of their own, business is as busy as you would expect in any other corporation, it is evident enough on the busy streets.

The options for transportation are ample involving Rikshaw rides, buses, ferry boats among a few. The fusion of Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisines have been incorporated in their dishes and is liked by the tourists a lot. A lot of regional diversity cultural diversity taking place in the town of Yangon, it is gradually gaining a lot of recognition in terms of being one of the best places to visit in Myanmar.

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