Thingyan ( Water Festival)

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Thingyan (Burmese term) Festival is a Myanmar New Year festival. And it usually takes place on April every year. The festival usually celebrates 4 or 5 days last in Myanmar. It is calculated according to the Burmese Calendar. Myanmar has been celebrated the Thingyan Festival for many centuries. Thingyan is the longest holidays for Myanmar people.


Famous Thingyan Food

Food is one of the parts of Thingyan Festival. Mont lone yay paw (Burmese term) which made by rice is a food that Myanmar people enjoy in only Thingyan Festival Period. It is a traditional famous food that comes along with the Thingyan Festival.



There is another famous thing like Mont lone yay paw in Thingyan Festival. It is a yellow flower named with Padauk. Every Year, the Padauk flower only bloomed in April when we celebrated the water Festival. It is a trademark of water festival (Thingyan).


Water-spraying stations

If you enjoy spraying the water, you need to buy the ticket early because there are only a few amounts of Water-spraying stations for this year. In Yangon, the number of water-spraying stations is less than the last year. As usual, they service foods and drinks including dance floors and entertainment. The price of tickets starts from 30000 MMK for All day.

visiting car

Visiting with car

There are several ways to enjoy the Thingyan Festival. Visiting the whole city with the car is a famous way of celebrating the water festival. In Yangon, most of the temporary spraying stations will be Pyay Road, Kabar Aye Road and KandawGyi pat lan ( Burmese term).



In this year, Chaung Thar, Ngwe Saung, Ngapali beach and Myeik Island are popular destinations for the local visitor. People also visit Kalaw and Pyin Oo Lyin City where has the cold weather. Wherever you go in Myanmar, you will celebrate the Thingyan festival. People who like to travel to the foreign country, Vietnam is best destinations for this year.

Thingyan Fashion

If you are planning to celebrate the water festival with somehow, you need to prepare to the coolest fashion. In here,  People chose the colourful fashions. And It is important to bring a sunglass and a nice jacket to protect you from sun rays. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin. But, make sure you know which SPF is suitable for you.

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