Gastronomy Tourism Around Kenya

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Gastronomic tourism according to different sources refers to tours or safaris made to destinations where specific local food and drinks are the main motivating factors for travel.

Travelling in pursuit of a plate or a glass of your best meal/drink is a thing, and we have seen our very own Kiran Jethwa of Bush Larder. He travels to different parts of Kenya preparing local meals with his hosts.

This maybe a little different with what we are going to do here today, buckle up anyway as we take this road trip to different regions in Kenya and sample the best local dishes and experience true culture through food.

Central Region

This is a region that is agriculturally rich, and you will find that most foods prepared here comprise of fresh vegetables, potatoes and other freshly harvested ingredients.

Most popular is Githeri which is a mixture of boiled maize and beans that is later fried with onion and can be served with a side dish of fresh vegetables.

Another version of the same is Kienyeji or Irio which is a combination of mashed potatoes with beans and maize and pumpkin leaves. This delicious meal is accompanied by beef stew and vegetables on the side.

Western Region.

The region is geographically large, but you will never leave western Kenya without having tasted their renown chicken dish, known as Ingokho. This is a Luhya signature meal which is served with Ugali and traditional vegetables.

Ingokho as known in Luyha land

Coast Region

This is the home of all delicacies, I mean you will have a fun-filled task of sampling all the amazing dishes in this region. You know, sugar, spice and everything nice, well, the coast region will leave you wanting for more. The most popular though is their Pilau which is rice cooked and flavored with Indian spices. In the coast region, Pilau is served with a ripe banana and kachumbari (sliced tomatoes, onions and a dash of pili pili)

Pilau very common among coast people

Lake Region

If you are in search of an unforgettable fish meal, then you must make your way to Kisumu especially at Lwang’ni beach. Here, you get to enjoy traditionally made tilapia alongside Ugali and traditional vegetables.

The fish is guaranteed to be fresh and if you are lucky you can catch the fishermen criss-crossing the lake looking for a fresh catch.

Delicious fish served with Ugali

Among other foods that make Kenya gastronomy tourism complete are the street foods found in almost every town in Kenya. These include the smokie chinja which is basically grilled spiced smokie cut into half to sandwich kachumbari, you will also find boiled eggs in this set up. Another common one is mahindi choma; a whole comb of maize that is roasted on the roadside side and served with lemon and chilli.

And finally, the best of them all street foods is the Mutura. This is goat’s intestine stuffed with spiced minced meat and then grilled on a traditional grill to give it a rich smoky taste. Mutura is served with fresh kachumbari. This should be the climax of your gastronomy tour.

Mutura grilling on a traditional grill to give it a rich smoky taste

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