Increase Your Online Traffic with These SEO tips

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a popular online marketing strategy for companies. Therefore, it becomes more than just the use of keywords, but also the ability to capture the reader’s attention. Whether for a hotel business, a travel agent, a tourism organization, or any other player in the industry, it is almost a requirement to have a website in today’s internet of things. Moreover, keeping a high traction of readership for your online platform is critical, and can be achieved through some SEO elements below.

Image by Your Design

Image by Your Design

Avoid cramming your content

Avoiding cramming your content with keywords (keyword stuffing) is crucial in keeping the reader attentive. Rather, concentrate more on the keywords’ relevance to the target audience without necessarily manipulating the site’s ranking on Google search results.

Mobile compatibility

Considering the high percentage of readers who prefer using their smartphones, it is important to keep the SEO mobile compatible. This can be done by providing content with less JavaScript and easy to navigate.

Include a human touch

Another element that is imperative in capturing the reader’s attention is including a human touch through storytelling. You will never go wrong with a captivating story that helps the reader connect with the product, service, or information you are disseminating.

Relevant Anchor Text

The content you use and the choice of words in hyperlinked texts will determine whether the reader will click on the links provided or just bypass them. Make the phrases of choice as interesting, descriptive, and relevant as possible while linking back to a homepage, previous related blogs, or other pages that could be informative to the reader.

Give readers a reason to return

Finally, your content should always be directed to the targeted audience, therefore, make them want to read, and crave for more information. As such, they will always keep coming back to your site to satisfy their longing. No matter how high Google’s Rank-Brain helps rank your site, if the information provided does not benefit the readers, then they will have no reason to check it out; denying you free traffic that could otherwise be converted to actual clients.

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