Things to do in Akosombo – Tourist Destinations in Akosombo with Pictures

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Akosombo is a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana close to the Adome Bridge and famous for the Akosombo Dam, a hydroelectric dam on the Volta River.

Made up mostly of a migrant population, with many being fishermen and farmers, Akosombo is an idyllic town perfect for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We recommend Akosombo for solo trips where the traveler wants to experience nature, have some quiet time and get in touch with rural, beautiful Ghana.

Visit the Akosombo Dam

The Akosombo Dam is a hydroelectric dam built on the Volta River and it produces an output of 1,020 megawatts of electricity. The Akosombo Dam offers great scenery and views. You can have a picnic in the open ground fields of the dam. Visitors need permission however from the Volta River Authority. The Akosombo Dam is also a great point of interest for schools to take students on excursion. A great deal of young Engineering minds are bound to be borne after a visit to the Akosombo Dam.

akosombo dam


Sail the Dodi Princess on the Volta River

The Dodi Princess, the only known cruise ship in Ghana sails along the Volta River. The nearest stop in Akosombo is the Dodi Island, from there you can join or disembark from the ship. The Dodi Princess has three decks. On board the ship, there is music and barbecue to enjoy as well as the scenery of the shores along the Volta River.

Dodi Princess cruise ship

Go Hiking

Akosombo has a great deal of flourishing vegetation and hiking trails that are excellent for a walk. Enjoy the beauty of nature while putting your body to the ultimate endurance test. Alone or with friends, Akosombo makes a great location to interact with nature. The Akwamu Gorge is also known to be a thriller for bird watchers, being a host to a variety of birds.

hiking trail akosombo

Visit the Sajuna Beach Club

The Sajuna Beach Club holds a bevvy of activities for visitors. It’s expansive land area allows it hosts parties and events, from wedding receptions to birthday celebrations. You can rent boats and water bikes of different sizes at the Sajuna Beach Club. From Kayak’s to cruise boats that hold up to 20 persons. Rented boats can be taken to sail all the way to the Akosombo Dam. The Sajuna Beach Club is a great place for family outings as the kids will enjoy playing on the beach as well engaging in different activities at the beach club. You can play beach volleyball, beach soccer, tug of war, build sand figures and participate in a lot of other exciting activities at the Sajuna Beach Club. Food and drinks are also sold in the premises. Only groups of over 40 people are allowed to bring their own food.

sajuna boat cruise

Lodge at the Royal Senchi Hotel

Akosombo isn’t all rural and rustic as The Royal Senchi Hotel shows us. This luxurious 5 star hotel offers amazing hotel facilities for first class travellers. It has a spa, a swimming pool, offers weekend buffets, has two restaurants serving local and continental dishes. The Royal Senchi is great for honeymoons, vacations and generally relaxing and enjoying one’s self.

the royal senchi hotel akosombo

Buy Souvenirs at Asikuma Junction

Asikuma Junction is host to the traditional drum makers in Asokombo. The also make their own unique type of Kente called Ewe Kente. Even if you do not buy the drums, you can watch the artisans work at carving the wood and stretching the treated leather over the hollow wood into making some of the most beautiful indigenous musical instruments.

asikuma junction drums


Have you ever visited Akosombo or are you from around there? What other fun things and activities can one participate in? Tell us in the comments section.

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