Local vs Continental Food – What We Learnt

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Food is just food right? No matter where it is prepared or eaten, it’s just a provider of energy and nutrients. This is what food may mean to some people but to some others, food means more than just a bowl or plate filled with something cooked. It’s sometimes quite simple as every sect will choose food that they are comfortable with. Local people will choose local food and the international folk will also always choose continental meals. However, there is a general divide as to which food reigns supreme especially with people who have tasted both sides. And although it is quite simple to try and be patriotic by choosing local meals, we had to sample the views of the people who actually patronize the foods. Jumia Food, Africa’s leading online food delivery service engages Ghanaians from various backgrounds and preferences, and shares their thoughts about local and continental foods.




Mr. George Owusu (Businessman, Accra) – ‘’I prefer local food because I love my roots. Ghanaian food is amazing and even when I went to Nigeria, I enjoyed their local soups and meals. Comparatively, continental dishes are also good but they have to be prepared by a good chef otherwise, they don’t really taste good. Sometimes they look strange and there is a general restraint from local people to try it.’’


Madam Adza Sanusem (Trader) – ‘’I have eaten local food all my life but the moment I tried continental food, I saw a real difference. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am used to a certain kind of food and the change just made me feel something different. Whatever the case is, I will never give up my local food for continental meals although I like the taste of both, local food has something else. The feeling is even different.’’



Adiza Smaila (Food vendor) – ‘’As a food vendor, this shouldn’t be a topic for me to discuss but to be very honest, quantity matters. It’s almost impossible to get enough of continental food. I don’t know why the quantity is always that small. However, anytime someone buys local food, they expect a certain quantity. Even when they are not satisfied with the quantity, they can ask for more. Unfortunately, you cannot try such with continental meals. They are usually set at a certain standard and even the quantity is cast in stone with no room for manoeuvre. If I want more, i eat local but if I want something to feel good about, then I try some continental’.’


Yaw Mark (Mobile Money Merchant) – ‘’I love food! Food is life and I enjoy it always. Why would I even eat if the meal is of a small quantity. When I go for weddings and other events where only continental meals are served, I feel empty even after eating. On other days at home or local chop bars, after a bowl or two of fufu and banku, I feel fulfilled. Just compare banku, fufu, yam and the rest to all the rice and light dishes from the continental setup. For me, quantity is very important and local food gives me more than continental food’’


Nii Martey Oseku (Marketer) – ‘’How much is kenkey and how much is a plate of a continental dish? The price difference is just overwhelming. Sometimes, you want to treat yourself to something different and you may try out something new with continental dishes but that same price can feed about ten people with local food. Also, local food is easily accessible as it is spread all over the place. Just jump on the streets and you will get some kenkey or beans to buy. In case you want continental food, you have to go all the way to a restaurant to get it. The prices are just not worth talking about. As to why the prices are significantly different, only the chefs may know.’’


Mr. Rodney Marlow (Engineer) – ‘’For someone who has lived in Europe for almost a third of my life, price is not an issue when it comes to buying food whether it’s local or continental. In Europe, food is generally cheap but in Ghana, it’s just a big struggle to get food at certain prices. Walk into a restaurant and you will be asked to pay alarming fees for continental food. With local food, I have realized I can eat as much as I can for less. Although I like certain local foods, I will prefer to eat my usual continental meal than to try out certain local meals. For me, it’s a combination of taste and satisfaction rather than price.”

All in all, opinions are divergent and depending on where one comes from, they lean more towards that direction. The truth however, remains that local food is cheaper than continental food and is more bulky. Whenever you get the chance, eat local food but when there is continental food set before you, don’t waste it.

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