Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2018

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Many will argue that Fathers do not get as much credit as they deserve. Whatever your side of the argument, you will at least that our Fathers mean so much to us, individually and collectively. The third Sunday in June of every year is set aside to celebrate Fathers all over the world. This year it falls on June 17.

There are several ways to show appreciation for someone in your life whom you love and cherish, on June 17, you have the chance to show appreciation to your father in more ways than just words.

Gifts are often a nice touch, but many are bad at executing great gift ideas. So we have put together this post to as a guide to buying the perfect fathers day gift.

We know that not only will sons and daughters find these useful, but we find that wives, and mothers with kids still too young to grasp the concept of fathers day love to mark and celebrate the day on behalf of the kids. Isn’t it just wonderful?

1. Customized Football Jersey

Men love their football. Support their teams with so much pride and passion. Want to make the father feel proud and special on fathers day? Then consider getting him a jersey of his beloved football club. A Fathers Day touch will be to customize it with a name like “Number 1 Dad” “Best Dad” “Most Valuable Dad”. You will have them beaming for days even after the football season, and Fathers Day is over.

2. Customized Shirt

Still another wearable idea, but the edge to this is a family portrait on the shirt, especially if it is one from when the kids were still little, a picture from a vacation or something memorable, first day in school works too. It has great sentimental value and will always be appreciated.

3. Buffet with the family

Aside from receiving calls, texts messages and gifts from the children on Father’s Day, a great icing on the cake will be a dinner where everyone is present to toast to the Father, be with him, hug him and tell him in person how much of a wonderful father he has been. A surprise event that will no doubt get the old man to tear up no matter how much steel he is made up of. Check out amazing 5 star hotels in Accra where you can have a buffet and family dinner to celebrate Father’s Day.

family dinner for fathers day

4. Perfume

Men love to smell really nice. It’s part of the secret to their charm and allure. You can gift your father a bottle of his favorite perfume, or expand his range by introducing a new designer scent to his collection.

perfume fathers day gift idea

5. New Car Tires

As far as practical gift ideas go, nothing beats care tires. So dad has been complaining about needing to change his tires for a while now and talks about how he can’t drive long distances because his tires are getting worn out, lift his spirit by getting him a new set of tires that ensures, he not only can drive safe now but he also has no excuse to drive all the way to come visit you.

Car tires fathers day gift

6. Bluetooth earphones

Dad’s are always trying to catch up with the waviest technology trends that the younger generation is up to. They might think they have it all figured out now because they are on Facebook and on Whatsapp, which they still can’t pronounce properly. But to bring your Dad up to speed with what is techy, cool and trendy, purchase them a set of Bluetooth earphones. They’ll be glad you did.

bluetooth earpiece fathers day gift idea

7. Dad Vacation shirt

They need to have it. They have to have it. They love to have it. The Dad beach shirt is as iconic as iconic gets to be. And even if they don’t wear it to the beach, which they don’t go because it is filled with too many young and half-naked people, they get to wear it around the house sitting on their favourite chair, watching the news, reading the newspaper, or entertaining their friends.

hawaii shirt fathers day gift idea

8. Fitbit Heart rate tracking wristband

As our Dad’s get older, they watch their health more cautiously and so do the rest of us. Afterall, we want them around for as long as we possibly can. A Fitbit heart rate tracking wristband will help them stay fitness conscious and is a great buddy for exercises.

fitbit fathers day gift idea

Notable Mentions

  • Cufflinks
  • Ties
  • Socks
  • Shoes


What other ideas do you have for Father’s Day. Share them in the comments section and make sure to share this post.

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