Digital Transformations that will Improve Tourism in Ghana

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The theme of the 2018 World Tourism Day is Tourism and the Digital Transformation. As we join the rest of the world over to celebrate the World Tourism Day, we look at digital transformations that will change and greatly improve the face of tourism in Ghana.

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Improved Hotel Reservations Online

One of the ways the digital transformation is sure to take tourism in Ghana a notch higher is when traveling guests make reservations on online booking portals such as Jumia Travel. It ensures better room and guest management on the part of the hotel. It also ensures that guests have their accommodation sorted out in advance, well ahead of their arrival and avoid issues like over booked hotel rooms. Making online reservations also gives travelers the best prices. Online travel agencies are in constant competition with each other to offer the best prices to customers, often times foregoing their commissions as much as possible to get a booking customer. When you walk to the hotel to make your reservation you lose out from whatever discount you could have gotten online.

More importantly, when travelers book online, hotels and online travel agencies are able to work together on the available data that your reservation provides over time, to improve the state of the hospitality industry.

Increased Wifi Connectivity in Public Places

Internet penetration in Ghana like in much of Africa is still quite low. And even among the population with access to the internet, it is important for internet enabled persons in the country to do much more with their mobile phones than Social Media.

Increased internet connectivity in public spaces will encourage people to share more about whats happening around them, such as events, activities, and festivities that are related to arts, culture and tourism.

It will also enable tourists to share real time their experiences in Ghana which will encourage other potential tourists to come visit.

Some of the pessimism concerning tourism in Ghana revolve around security. With tools on social media such as Facebook Live and Snapchat features, tourists can share in real time their experiences in Ghana to viewers all over the world. This will in no spur interest and encourage more tourists to come visit.

Internet Connection in Hotels

Closely related to the point above is the need for more hotels to provide internet connection to guests. Hotels as much as possible should create comfort and convenience. With access to the internet being one of the major needs of millennials, it makes it imperative for more and more hotels to provide internet connectivity within their premises. Not only will it attract more people to stay, it will also get staying guests to share their locations and activities on Social Media. Did I hear say someone say free adverts?

Also, when you remove the frustrations of your guests concerning internet access, you endear them to you. This can only mean more recommendation and repeat businesses.

Improved Picture Quality and Availability of Points of Attraction.

In a research done by Jumia Travel, 87% of respondents say that the quality of the pictures helps determine whether they book a hotel or not. About the same goes for tourists sites and points of attraction. The role that photography plays in Tourism can not be over emphasized.

To have people travel half way around the world to come see or experience life in Sunyani, or Kumasi, or Accra, one of the driving forces for such a movement is the quality and the availability of photographs and videos. Photographs of the place, the festivals, and the people.

Honest, captivating shots, that tell a story and appeals to the tourists sense of adventure and fun. Without these, people won’t come. They may hear about the food, and the beautiful men and women, and the wonderful wildlife. But if there is no pictorial evidence to boot, that lures, and stirs the wanderlust in the tourist, then tourism in Ghana will simply not grow.

The Use of Data and AI to get more out of Tourism.

Lastly, it is commonly said that data is power. But in reality it is what you do with data that gives you power. There are tons of data generated from the activities of tourists all over the world. The data generated from travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, airlines, embassies, holiday resorts among others can be used to plan better for tourists. It could also be used to ensure that hospitality service providers offer the best and relevant products and services to tourists.

Learning user behavior is very important in every industry and the tourism and hospitality industry is not any different.

Ghana will join the rest of the world in celebrating the World Tourism Day in Kwahu, the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The three day event from Friday, September 28 to Sunday, September 30, would be held at the usual Odweanoma Mountain at Kwehu Atibie. At the Fun and Fly paragliding event, 7 seasoned international tandem pilots from the USA and Switzerland would be flying passengers during the event. Also flying solo are two Ghanaian pilots, Michael Kwakye and Jonathan Quaye.

The programme of activities for the celebration of the World Tourism Day on September 27, include a Symposium at the Presbyterian University, Abetifi, Kwahu and a durbar of Chiefs at the Abetifi Palace.

The Ghana Cyclist Association has also partnered Ghana Tourism Association to organise a “King of the Mountain” competition between cyclist from Ghana, Cote d’lvoire, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

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