Victor Odera: Travelling to Uganda for Business

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On this edition of  ‘Wander Tales’, we catch up with Odera Victor; a trained IT specialist and  professional Operations Associate. He tells us his experience as a business traveller to Uganda, what he loved about the Pearl of Africa, and why he’d want to go back.

1. How would you best describe yourself?

I am fearfully and wonderfully made 🙂

2. What was your experience in Uganda as a business traveller?

Many business travellers don’t see the pomp associated with travelling because 80% of the time, you are busy chasing clients and learning new street names. Uganda changed that for me.
Being in Uganda for more than 2 months was truly an eye-opening experience. Apart from the hospitality accorded in the Business hotels in Uganda, getting to know how closely related Kenya’s and Uganda’s history is, was a huge plus. How distinct the human race is intertwined still marvels me.
Uganda also makes you appreciate the diversity in African cultures and how rich and blessed Africa is. This continent is endowed in natural beauty, manifested in her people (you know what I mean) and her natural wealth.


3. Any advice you’d want to give a future business traveller to Uganda?

Get around on local transport. Always take the bus; you get to mingle more with the people. Learn a word or two of the native language. And, change your currencies from the bureaus at home, if travelling by road, or at the Entebbe airport, when travelling by air. The money changers at the borders can smell naivety a mile away.

4. What did you love most about the Pearl of Africa?

I loved how readily available and affordable things were! Luxury hotels in Uganda are budget friendly! That, plus their landscape. Wow! Uganda is really beautiful.

5. Any recommendations on things to do in Uganda?

Each business traveller to Uganda should visit The Source of the Nile. That was my highlight! It makes you feel like the world is at your feet. Literally. It is here where you will witness the beginning of a journey of a mighty river that supports the lives of very many Africans: feel the might of River Nile.
Special recommendation: Ugandan food! Make sure to try out Uganda’s rich cuisine. Pork chops and cassava stood out for me. Ugandans have the best pork I have ever had. Also, try out the popular rolex and chicken on a stick. Thank me later.

The Breathtaking Source of the Nile


6. If you were given a free trip to Uganda, what would be your preferred destination and why?

Without a doubt, its Kabale. Kabale is a small town in the South Western part of Uganda near the border of Uganda and Rwanda. Kabale is a beauty! That town has glamorous hills and escarpments, wonderful array of rivers and small lakes, its greenery is just exquisite with lush and dense vegetation. Kabale must be Mother Nature’s way of showing off her beauty! The people of Kabale, just like their land, are beautiful at heart too.

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