How to Get the Best Hotel Deals for Jumia Travel Black Friday

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Jumia Travel Black Friday is coming! This is the annual premier league of hotel deals and off the roof discounts. As such it can get very confusing to know which link to click, which destination to choose and when to book.

However, not to worry, we got your back with this Jumia Travel Black Friday cheat sheet!

When to Shop

Resist the urge to book for your holiday before the Jumia Travel Black Friday on the 2nd of November. This year, all the 3 East African countries will synchronize their watches to start on the same day.

  1. Thursday evening – bookmark all the hotel deals that you’d be interested in booking. The more the merrier so as to avoid disappointment in the case where one gets fully booked.
  2. Friday all day – book your hotel stay and flight as early as 5am. Be on the look out for treasure hunts and vouchers on our social media platforms.
  3. Saturday morning – double check your hotel stay is still available as well as the flight requirements.
  4. Sunday evening – do research on top things to do at your destination on Jumia Travel’s  free online travel guide. The key to enjoying your vacation is creating anticipation.
  5. Monday – buy all your travel equipment on Jumia and have them delivered to your home or office or home. The best way to save on shipping cost is to buy Jumia Express items.

Where to Stay

The gold deals for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda will be in the top 4 destinations in each country. Whether you’re looking for a laid back holiday on the beach, or adventure packed vacation, you’ll be spoiled for choice during Jumia Travel Black Friday.

Jumia Travel Black Friday Hacks

  1. Signup for the Newsletter so that you’re first to be in the know of the hotel deals and the cheapest flights
  2. Join Smart Travel Program by signing in to get an additional 10% discount on selected hotels
  3. Make different itineraries based on the activities you wish to enjoy before Jumia Travel Black Friday begins. Be sure to bookmark all hotels of interest.
  4. Since hotels get fully booked fast, book your stay for off-peak season.
  5. No need to compare prices as this will waste precious time that you could use to hunt the treasure. Jumia Travel guarantees best price.

And even more discounts for Black Friday in Kenya and Black Friday in Nigeria on Jumia!

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