Beaches in Kenya: 6 Best and Why They are Special

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Whether you are looking for a solitary spot to spend your holiday, family friendly shores or an intimate place for a romantic beach safari, beaches in Kenya have all these and more. The sun-kissed shoreline has an expansive stretch of silky white sand to explore.

Kenyan beaches offer unforgettable beach safari complete with fine dining, lavish accommodation and adrenaline-pumping water sports. The 6 most popular beaches in Kenya are:

  1. Diani Beach

Diani Beach is Kwale County’s pride. It is an award winning beach, voted as one of the top 25 beaches in Africa as well as one of the top beaches in the world, in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards. The weather in Diani is favourable all year round.

Things to know about Diani:

  • A holiday in Diani is incomplete without a visit to the famous Forty Thieves Beach Bar. Pop in for lunch, a drink and a dance on the beach.
  • Diani is the best destination for sky diving adventures. Tandem skydiving is also available.
  • If you love kite surfing, you need to visit Diani Beach.
  • Diani Beach is adjacent to Galu Beach so you have more sand and sea to explore.
  1. Nyali Beach

Exquisite resorts and villas dot the spectacular Nyali Beach. It is one of the top destinations in Mombasa County.

Things to know about Nyali Beach:

  • It is close to Mombasa Town.
  • Nyali has shopping malls and numerous entertainment spots.
  • Nyali Beach has the most luxurious resorts in Mombasa County.
View of Nyali Beach from Mombasa Beach Resort.

View of Nyali Beach from Mombasa Beach Resort.

  1. Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach is the most popular destination in Kilifi County, and also one of the top 25 beaches in Africa. It is accessible from Malindi, making it a popular destination for visitors who fly to the coast through Malindi Airstrip.

Things to know about Watamu:

  • It is the best deep-sea fishing destination in Kenya.
  • There are a number of historic attractions such as Gede Ruins.
  • Watamu has posh villas and resorts on the beach.
View of Watamu Beach from the luxurious Hemingways Watamu Resort.

View of Watamu Beach from the luxurious Hemingways Watamu Resort.

  1. Malindi Beach

Malindi is a town in Kilifi County, a two hours’ drive from Mombasa. It has a rich history, with a number of races and communities having settled there centuries ago.

Things to know about Malindi:

  • It is a haven for sky surfers.
  • There are exciting glass-bottomed boat rides in the marine park.
  • A number of historic attractions surround the beach, such as Malindi Museum and Vasco da Gama Pillar.
  • Malindi has the best Italian cuisine in the region.
  1. Lamu

Lamu is quite popular because of the annual Lamu Yoga Festival and Lamu Festival.

Things to know about Lamu:

  • The town is one of the oldest in Kenya.
  • There are no cars in the town, just donkeys.
  1. Wasini

Wasini Island is about 75km from Mombasa. Attractions in the island include a fishing village and Shimoni Slave Caves.

Things to know about Wasini:

  • Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park is located here.
  • You can explore the marine park by snorkelling and scuba diving.


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