Sylhet – The Queen of Hills

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Sylhet is a hilly district that stands on the bank of the Surma River and is often termed as the “Queen of Hills.” The scenic tea plantation is a major attraction for the tourists. Besides, orange groves and pineapple plantations over the hills covered with forests are also the prime attraction. Jovago Bangladesh can help you to find the best hotels in Sylhet.

Sylhet is one of the most important spiritual and cultural centers of Bangladesh. The city is known as the City of Saints with the mausoleum of the great Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal.  He was a sufi Muslim leader who conquered Sylhet in 1309 by defeating the local Hindu Raja and there he preached Islam.


In the 16th century Sylhet became a district of the Mughal Empire and in the 18th century, it came under the British rule of the East India Company.

The city was  part of the colonial Assam between 1874 and 1947. At the time of referendum and the partition of British India, it became the part of Pakistan. The Government of Bangladesh designated Sylhet a metropolitan area and now it is one of the most important cities of Bangladesh due to its importance to the country’s economy as well as its status as a tourist destination.  Each year several thousand devotees come to visit the area.


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Attractions for tourists:

The shrine of the famous Muslim saint Hazrat Shah Jalal is located at Sylhet town. He is known as a great torch bearer of Islam in the region. The shrine is considered to be one of the biggest pilgrimage sites in Bangladesh. It remains crowded with the visitors of home and abroad every day. During night, the shrine is illuminated which creates a spiritual feeling in visitor’s mind.

The shrine of Hazrat Shah Paran, a nephew of Hazrat Shah Jalal is also located at Khadim Nagar in Sylhet. The shrine is well known for the practices of spiritual activities and always remains crowded with the visitors. Shah Paran played a significant role in preaching Islam and establishing Muslim rule in the region.

Sylhet is the largest tea producing region in Bangladesh. The tea gardens in Srimangal look like a green bed covered on the sloping hills creating an eye-catching beauty for the visitors. There are about 150 tea gardens proudly stand in the region producing a remarkable quantity of tea for the world market.


Madhabkunda: It is one of the famous waterfalls of Bangladesh, situated in Moulovi Bazar District. Madhabkunda is a major tourist attraction of Sylhet that attracts large numbers of tourists every year.  A recent modification of water reservoir and tourist cottage has increased the facilities for the tourists considerably.


Tribal Village:  Colourful Monipuri, Khasia and Garo tribes live in Sylhet. Monipuri tribal maidens are famous for their dance, singing ad traditional weaving. Khasia tribe is famous for betel leaf cultivation. Besides, several aboriginal tribes also live high up on the hills and practice age-old rituals, customs and traditions.


Jaflong: It is a natural scenic spot amidst tea gardens and hills. Jaflong is situated about 60 km from Sylhet city. It is a border area between Bangladesh and the Indian state Meghalaya. The main tourist attractions are a collection of rolling stones from hills, mountain streams, and the local market. The other places of tourist attractions in Sylhet are Sripur, Tamabil and Haripur gas fields.


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Jaintapur: It is a beautiful spot amidst tea gardens and is 5 km away from Jaflong.  In the 8th century, it was the capital of Jainta Kingdom. The ruined palace of the King is the major attraction for the tourists. A large number of tourists visit here due to the historical background of Jainta Kingdom.


The Museum of Hason Raja: This is located on the bank of Surma River in Shunamganj Sadar.  Hason Raja was a zamindar but he won the heart of the people by writing a large number of lyrics and came to be known as a great Mystic poet. The utensils and other accessories he used are kept in the museum. This is another tourist’s attraction in Sylhet.


How to reach:

There are regular bus, train, and air services from Dhaka for Sylhet. Besides, by bus or private hired car a tourist can visit any place in Sylhet district he desires.   


Where to stay:

There are many hotels that are available for a comfortable stay with cheap prices. While visiting Bangladesh, you can find best hotels in Sylhet though Jovago Bangladesh.   

Plan a visit to Sylhet & your visit will certainly linger in your memories forever.

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