Magical beauty of Cox’s Bazar

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Cox’s Bazar- a gentle breeze blows in mind hearing that name. It reminds as the combination of beauty and love between sea and land. Just think about your passing days in long beach hotel Cox’s Bazar and Seagull hotel Cox’s Bazar. Poet says, “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her” really that. Sea is the most natural beauty of the world. None can avoid the call of blue water. And if it is the world’s longest and arguably the most beautiful natural beach!, then there is nothing to say.

If you love swimming in the water by the beach with high and foamy waves, this is the right place for you. 120 kilometers of sandy beaches; that is why Cox’s Bazar is the most visited spot in Bangladesh and the country’s most hyped tourist destination.

Not only does Cox’s Bazar offer the longest unbroken chain of the beach, it also provides long beach hotel Cox’s Bazar and Seagull Hotel Cox’s Bazar like beautiful hotels, one of the least crowded and the most private of beach experiences, provided you know where to look. In fact, Cox’s Bazar offers the chance to do a lot of things. The world’s longest stretch of sand is, in fact, located in the southernmost tip of Bangladesh on the Bay of Bengal at the fishing port of Cox’s Bazar.

Everybody knows about Laboni Point, Burmese Market and Inani Beach. Even cruising down Marine Drive with the mountain to one side and the sea on the other can get boring. Here is some description of attractive places of Cox’s Bazar.


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Himchari is famous for Himchari waterfall and the natural beauty beside the beach drive. It is located about 8 km south of Cox’s Bazar. You can go there by jeep and it is a really exotic experience to drive on the seashore.

Inani Beach
A pristine rocky beach with corals all around,the calmness and serenity of Inani Beach are mind blowing. It is bordered by hills and forests and is located only 32km south of Cox’s Bazar. It can also be accessed via Himchari. Don’t miss the chance to visit Inani Beach while going to Cox’s Bazar. You may take packed lunch with you.

Taknaf is about 84km from Cox’s Bazar and it may be a memorable experience as the journey in marine drive through forested hilly roads. Taknaf is the border town in the southern tip of Bangladesh territory. The side of river Naf and the Bay of Bengal situate Teknaf Town. Wide sandy beach in the backdrop of high hills with green forests with rich flora & fauna and natural waterfalls enhance charms of the tourists and the scenery never to be forgotten. You can enjoy shopping in the local market called Burmese Market where you will find all the Burmese and tribal handmade materials. Do not forget to visit the Wall of Ma-Thin which tells a sad story of love.

Ramu and Lamapara
A typical Buddhist village located 16 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. It is accessible from the main highway leading to Chittagong. The village accommodates monasteries and pagodas. The beautiful Burmese Bara Khyang at Lama Para has the country’s largest bronze statue and it has three wooden buildings houses, a number of relics-precious Buddhist images of silver and gold set with gems and stones inside the pagoda. The temple lies in a quiet palm shaded village about 5km from Ramu on the bank of Baghkhali River. The village is famous for its handicrafts and homemade Cigars. Weavers trade there in open workshops and craftsmen make handmade cigars in their pagoda like a house.



Moheskhali Island
It is another attraction for the tourists who come to Cox’s Bazar. The area of the island is about 268 square kilometers. The center of the island and the eastern coastline rises, a range of low hills, up to 300 feet high. But the coast to the west and north is a low-lying treat, covered by mangrove jungle. In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of Adinath and by its side on the same hill is Buddhist Pagoda. You can go to this Island by local motorboat called trawler or by speedboat from Cox’s Bazar fisheries Ghat (Harbor).

Dulahazra Safari Park
This Safari Park is an extension of an animal sanctuary located along the Chittagong –Cox’s Bazar highway about 50 Km from Cox’s Bazar Town. The sanctuary itself protects a large number of wild elephants, different type of birds, monkeys, etc. which are native to the area where domesticated elephants are available for the ride. Other animal attractions are lions, Bengal tigers, crocodiles, bears,coitals, etc. which is a wonderful project to attract the tourists.

There are a number of other islands too. Some names are Saint Martin Island, Chera Dip, Sonadia Island, Shah Pori Island, etc. have enough items to attract tourists.

Any trip will be incomplete without shopping from here and there. In Cox’s Bazar, Burmese market is a highly attractive place. A group of tribe people from Burma mainly settled their businesses here. Various kinds of goods are available here in this market. Mainly goods are from Myanmar(Burmese) as well as from China and Thailand. You can try some local beauty products (sandal wood based), hand woven textile and bed sheets among many other things. You can find cosmetics, knives, lungis, shells, chocolates, decoration pieces, etc.

The Hotel Motel Zone is the main shopping district of Cox’s Bazar. This shopping area is the  must touristy, given that the main industry of the town is tourism. This is the best place to pick up the little souvenirs that are customary for any tourist wanting to bring a little piece of Cox’s Bazar home; from key rings and T-shirts to seashells and shawls, they sell everything here. Those who are not enticed by the need to bring something home will find this place a little too touristy and might want to avoid shopping here. Another thing to note is that all prices are negotiable, and haggling is a standard practice here.

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No journey can be completed without having good food.  Cox’s Bazar restaurants offer a wide variety of seafood cuisines showcasing Bangladesh’s local recipes but there are also fast food and European dishes to taste. The western dishes are served mostly in major hotels. Prices are in Taka and American dollars. Follow these restaurant tips:

Jhawban Restaurant & Poushee Restaurant
Located on Hotel Sayeman Road at Mookthijoddha Sarani Street, South of Sea Beach Rd, these are two Cox’s Bazar restaurants that are next to each other and that offer typical Bangladeshi food. The place’s main dish is fried fish, one of the most delicious Cox’s Bazar local cuisine recipes. It also serves chicken, smoked hilsa, chingri and prawn curry with rice.

Mermaid Eco Resort Restaurant,
The Mermaid Eco Resort is at the Sea Inn Beach and Hotel along Marine Drive. Adjacent to Inani Beach, people can enjoy some of the best wine in the country and they can also enjoy some of the best authentic Italian, Chinese, Continental as well as Bangladeshi cuisines. Many local bands play live music for the tourist entertainment. Beach Planet Café, Nilima Cafe Restaurant, Handi are also famous in  Cox’S Bazaar.

Seagull Hotel Restaurants:
The Seagull Hotel located at Cox’s Bazar Hotel Zone counts with its complex of five restaurants along which offers Bangladeshi and international recipes. There is also a terrace to enjoy the ocean breeze and observe the landscaping vision of Bay of Bengal

Long Beach Hotel Cox’s Bazar
Encompassing the spectacular views of Cox’s Bazar, Long Beach Hotel stands very close to the hills and sea-beach, offering world class facilities and exhilarating experience to its guests. Whether you are planning a great vacation, the sweetest of honeymoons or a cozy business tour, you would prefer our beach hotel for your relaxing stay. Imagine that the 120 km astonishing longest beach in the world is just five-minutes walk away from your room, providing an exuberant sensation in your mind and filling your heart with magnificent joy. Starting from Cox’s Bazar’s longest beach view to the comforts which you would be looking for are all here, making Long Beach Hotel the perfect choice for business, romance and holiday travel.


The blue water of the Longest Sea Beach of the world is calling you so enjoy your journey with the magical natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar. Jovago Bangaloffers a range of hotels for your perfect Cox’s Bazar visit.

Have a look on for your best hotels at Cox’s Bazar.


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