Delicious Pithas (Cakes) of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is called the country of ‘Pitha-puli’. Although we eat different types of pithas during all the years but winter is the best season for pithas. We get the real test of pithas in our beautiful villages. Our grandparents always wait to serve delicious pithas for their grandchild.


Pithas are a part of food tradition and food culture of Bangladeshi cuisine.The traditional pithas of Bangladesh have been widely appreciated for its fabulous tastes. Pitha is a type of rice cake in Bangladesh. Pithas are primarily made from a batter of rice flour or wheat flour, which is shaped and optionally filled with sweet or savory ingredients.

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Bangladesh has at least hundreds different types of pithas, tastes, recipes varying region to region. Most of the pithas are either seasonal or occasional. Most pithas are seasonal, specially prepared in the winter season because of some ingredients which are available only in winter season.  The pithas of the winter season are the most delicious – a special combination of the climate of winter cold. Some are associated with harvest festival (Nobanno, Poush-Parbon) in winter


Traditionally in Bangladesh, pithas are prepared and served on special occasions such as receiving bridegrooms or brides, entertaining guests and arranging special get together of family members, relatives or friends, etc. Pithas are often eaten as small meals, such as breakfast or as a snack with tea, although there are many sweet varieties that are reserved for desserts. Some are crunchy, some are steamed and some are so delightfully soaked in sugar syrup, molasses syrup, milk or date palm sap. Most of them are sweet, though there are some savory pithas too.


Bhapa Pitha:

A classic Bengali breakfast. Bhapa Pitha is prepared with rice, coconut, and molasses. It may take more time than a basic simple breakfast but it’s completely worth the effort.


Chitoi & Dhud vijano Pitha:

Chitoi Pitha is a traditional food in Bangladesh. People love it any time as a snack, especially in winter season. Normally it serves with chutney or meat stew. When the chitoi pitha wet in milk and sugar for the whole night then it’s called dhud vejano’ pitha.

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Patishapta Pitha:

It is a most common and tasty pitha that can be made anytime. Rice flour, salt, sugar and khirsa are the main ingredients of this.


Dudh Puli:

Dudh Puli is one of the most famous and delicious food prepared in Bengal during Makar Sankranti celebration.


Pakan/Teler Pitha:

Teler pitha is one of the most common type of pitha in Bengal arena. Rice, atta, salt, oil, and sugar are the main ingredients.



Shirgoja is a traditional pitha of the greater Barisal region of Bangladesh. It’s an occasional one. From childhood, it has been the most adored pitha to me. It involves few techniques to make it perfect. Let’s move on to the recipe and the techniques.



Hridoyhoron Pitha is a heart shaped pakon pitha soaked in evaporated milk. It is beautiful pitha with great taste. You can use coconut milk instead of milk for more flavor.


Kolar-pitha (banana rice cake):

‘Kolar pitha’ is a traditional dessert that is usually made in winter., As it is considered the season of desserts. It is sweet, soft and sumptuous that is very easy to make.


Choi Pitha/Mera Pitha/Gurguraia Pitha:

Mera Pitha is white in color, and come in various shapes, usually in circular, oval or leaf like forms. Traditionally, in my hometown, the girguria is given a shape like a top by gently pressing a small amount of dough and moving it in a circular motion with the palm of the hand. However, they can also take the flat disc, oval or a shell like a shape.


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Chunga Pitha:

Chunga Pitha is traditional pitha of Sylhet district. It made from Biroi rice into a thin bamboo stick.

Besides these we also have Beni piṭha, Dudher piṭha (milk pitha), Chôndro puli, Muger puli, Paṭi shapta, Mug pakon, Gokul,Til Pitha, Puli pitha, Bibikhana pitha, Lobongo Lotika, Tal/palm Pitha, , Andosha, Kulshi pitha, Pata pitha, Jhuri pitha, Muthi pitha Roser pitha, etc.


Nowadays we have very little time to make the traditional pithas, especially in urban areas so, cakes, pastry and other food items that are sold commercially are gradually replacing traditional homemade pithas. Having said that, pithas still have it’s own attraction. In urban areas, many specialized shops sell costly pithas and small vendors in street corners also make their living by selling cheap pithas. And people of all classes enjoy the tastes of this delicious traditional food.

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Shapla Jahan

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