Crazy Roads of Dhaka

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Dhaka is a home to many cool neighborhoods, each one distinct in its own way. A number of main arteries connect these wards, filled with tea stalls, restaurants, shops, rickshaw stands, bazars, charming alleyways and more. To make the best of this hip and happening city, we’ve prepared a guide with the some coolest streets in town.


300 Feet
A few years ago 300 feet was the ‘edge’ of Dhaka. Back then, it was more popularly known as Baluchor. It was desolate and empty – except for a few fuchka-chotpoti and tea stalls here and there. But today, 300 Feet is possibly one of the favorite hangout places in Dhaka. If you fancy a relaxing drive, 300 Feet is your answer. Bikers and cyclists, too, flock there for stunts or a recreational ride. Meanwhile, the bazaar at Purbachal is a prime attraction. The groceries arrive fresh from the villages nearby and many of the grocers are actually themselves the producers of these fruits and vegetables. The bazaar has earned a reputation of being a farmers’ market. The market also boasts several sweetmeat shops. They have a wide array of sweets on display, but if size matters to you – and if your appetite is as big as your pillow – try their poisonously sweet ‘Balish Mishti!’ Moreover, there are Bengali snacks of all sorts. But again, if the convention is not your cup of tea, opt for ‘Kaat Biscuit’, which is bigger than your face!

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Dhaka Chittagong Highway
The N1 or Dhaka–Chittagong Highway is the main transportation artery in Bangladesh between Dhaka and Chittagong. Approximately 250 kilometers in length, the road links the country’s two largest cities, Dhaka and Chittagong. The highway is known along various stretches as the Chittagong–Cox’s Bazar Highway and the Cox’s Bazar–Teknaf Highway. N1 is the busiest road in the country and a top super road. The four-lane Dhaka-Chittagong highway formally opened 2 July 2016.


Green Road
Dhaka is the city of Rickshaw and Green road is the center of it. Always Jam packed with a rickshaw, it is one of the busiest streets in Dhaka, but once you enter the pedestrianized section you forget you’re in the middle of the city.  The park, food stalls, the shops, and bazaars –Green road is many people’s world. At Green Road, people are busy and in hurry for making a little more cash or for arriving someplace.  


Mirpur Road
Bargain hunters will definitely find some hidden treasures in Mirpur road. It is not a big street, but somehow it manages to combine the old with the modern. It’s the perfect destination for a morning walk, or to check out the shops and stores. The new market is transformed into a big market where numerous stands sell everything from jewelry to dresses. Mirpur Road is a long north-south road connecting the northern part of Mirpur and Dhaka University campus.This is one of the major roads in Dhaka. Mirpur road runs through Shyamoli, Mohammadpur, and Dhanmondi. The main intersections of Mirpur road include Asad Avenue-Mirpur road, Darus-salam road-Mirpur road, Elephant road-Mirpur road, Panthapath crossing, Ring road crossing etc. The road is one of the busiest roads in Dhaka city. Numerous buildings and skyscrapers are situated on this road.


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Hatir Jheel
It is a beautiful place in the heart of the congested Dhaka City, a breathing and nice place to walk and relax with friends. The beautiful curved zigzag lake with several nicely designed bridges are the main attraction of the place. The beauty of this place becomes more distinct at night with colorful changing lights on the bridges. It is just superb. Many people walk alongside the lake on the pavements.


Saat Masjid Road
Saat Masjid Road is a fascinating place for Dhaka dwellers. It is named after Saat Gambuj Masjid. This mesmerizing Mughal monument was built during Subahdar Shaista Khan’s era; in about 1680. The mosque has three main domes; add to that four more on the four corners and you have the seven-domed mosque.  Many think that this tomb might belong to one of Shaista Khan’s daughters. The road has an astounding number of eateries, more than fifty for sure!  There are tall buildings in Saat Masjid Road that are more or less entirely occupied by restaurants; much more are in smaller 1 to 3-storied buildings; there is the food court in Shimanto Square; there is street food. Together, a mammoth ‘army’ of eateries provides a wide plethora of choices. And let’s not forget that this road is home to almost all the legendary burger joints in town: Madchef, Takeout, American Burger, Burger King. Call it ‘Burger Street’! Dhaka was once known as ‘Venice of the East’. There were several lakes and canals, many of which are now extinct. Dhanmondi Lake which comprises of a good chunk of Dhanmondi provides the much-needed refreshment for the area’s residents. There is a part of the lake beside Saat Masjid Road as well which remains a favorite hangout spot for the youth.


The B K Das Road at Farashganj is an architectural treasure trove of Old Dhaka. It is a heritage street. There are a lot of old buildings and they stand in such close proximity to each other that the neighborhood seems to be a figment of the past. B K Das Road is named after Bashanta Kumar Das- a tribute to a philanthropist. The buildings you see today were mostly built around the early 1900s. Farashganj, where B K Das Road is located, is where the French had acquired the permission to settle, in 1740, and hence ‘Farash’ for French and ‘ganj’ for the market. The French influence is apparent if you observe the front block of the mansion called Boro Bari; there are elements of Rococo art. Besides Boro Bari, there are other grand mansions on B K Das Road. Lakshmi Villa is a beauty, grand and elegant. Mongalalaya, also called Putul Bari, has intricate sculptures on its walls and a beautiful courtyard. Courtyards are a common feature on B K Das buildings. There are contemporary smaller residences too.

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Parliament road
The national parliament building, Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, is not just an iconic architectural edifice of Bangladesh; it is also a symbol of democracy. There is a beautiful road surrounding this magnificent monument designed by Louis I. Kahn. The area is beautiful and well-maintained. Joggers come in the morning for a breath of fresh air amidst the greenery. Many visit the place during evenings, to hang out or for a lazy stroll; and a number of fuchka-chotpoti stalls and small ice cream vans cater to them with simple yet delicious treats. In the center of all is, of course, is the Parliament House. The Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban complex, designed by the legendary Louis Kahn, is arguably the most outstanding architecture project in the country. Completed in the early 1980s, the ambitious complex took around twenty years to build.


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